I’m sorry but it’s just undeniable, Kristen Bell really is adorable, I mean— look at that face!

Looks aside though, she is also a great eco-role model. As a vegetarian (PETA named her one of their sexiest), she also dedicated her 30th birthday to Charity: Water, supports sustainable materials, and now she is the new face behind Neutrogena Naturals, a line of “natural” skincare products.

The new line will offer a body bar soap, lip balm, pore scrub, and two facial cleansers. As a longtime advocate of green living, the Burlesque co-star said, “I am thrilled to be the new face of Neutrogena Naturals because this naturals line really speaks to me.”

Bell then added, “As someone who uses a lot of natural product, it is exciting that Neutrogena is introducing a naturals line that not only works, is enjoyable to use, but also doesn’t contain any dyes, chemical sulfates, parabens or petrochemicals.”

Or does it?

As Vegetarian Star discovered, that word “natural” is a bit suspect, as the products do all contain ingredients found in nature (like Peruvian Tara Seed, avocado, olive oil and shea butter), but as is the case with a lot of “natural” products, there are also a whole host of chemicals added into the Neutrogena Naturals mix (such as propylene glycol).

In the 90s Neutrogena declared a ban on animal testing, but its parent company Johnson & Johnson most certainly still conducts these tests, and as such it’s unclear whether or not the Naturals line will be tested on animals.

The campaign is still in the planning stages, but Bell has already shot the print, TV, and online ads, and was paid the hefty sum of $500k for her work.

Past Neutrogena spokeswomen have included her Heroes pal Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emma Roberts.

We really hope that Bell wasn’t aware of the chemical additives in this new Neutrogena Naturals line before she signed on, but what do you all think about this?

Via Vegetarian Star.

  • http://fourleafcloverblog.com Eva

    I hope she finds out and does something about this. Too often celebrities stay quiet about the things they claim to care about.

  • http://Coffeeeyelinermuchfiner.wordpress.com Teresa

    Money talks. This smells of lies and greenwashing. Shameful.

  • Sonia

    I don’t think it’s about finding out what’s in the products(I’m pretty sure she’s aware) as much as it is knowing that they are already a part of a company that tests on animals. I would think as a vegetarian and someone who claims to CARE about animals she could find a better way to make 500k.

    But then again they’re all sell outs.

  • georgina

    She should have asked questions and then signed on to that campaign. But if she did not know and the products are tested on animals then it is too bad that she will be promoting it.

  • km

    If the product is not tested on animals, would the issue then be that they’re cruelty free but not as environmentally friendly as claimed? As to the testing, if Neutrogena doesn’t currently test on animals, it would be odd that they’d start now, especially with a “naturals” line. But you never know.

  • http://www.ecochica101.blogspot.com Nicole

    Similar to Ellens situation with Cover Girl – I can’t believe the naiveté of these celebs who claim to love animals and the environment but still sign these stupid contracts that fool the public and gullible teens

  • Avigail Dauphin

    Thanks to Erin La Rosa for writing on this subject. I was hoping someone would point out that there may be some contradiction in eco celebs backing products that test on animals (specifically Ellen and Covergirl. I love Ellen and all she does to help animals but this is a big HUH?) so I’m very glad to see someone writing on the topic.

  • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

    Thanks Erin for this article and being a bit critical. (btw being critical is very diferent from being negative ;-) )
    Its really disheartening to see green or veggie celebs selling out or promoting dubious products with honey talk. Its not like they need the money , right ?
    Like Natalie Portman promoting DIOR which tests on animals and is on the No Shopping lists of animal groups..

  • medicorates

    How could she not be aware of the neurotoxins and petrochemicals in commercial soaps? Every self respecting environmentalist is today. Just check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfq000AF1i8 The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

    If you want a real eco friendly soap. try Aleppo soap (See this article; Aleppo Soap, The True Natural Soap http://www.naturalcosmeticnews.com/new-products/aleppo-soap-the-true-natural-soap/ ) and turn your back on money hungry wannabe “natural” spokespeople.

  • Toodles

    Will the products contain animals ingredients, like Johnson and Johnson’s other skin care line Aveeno does? As a vegan, the only lotions, etc., that I have been able to find at the supermarket that use animal-free glycerin are some of the St. Ives products. You still have to read the packaging though, only some of the St. Ives products are labeled with the pledge that they contain “no animal ingredients”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erin-Elizabeth/566480478 Erin Elizabeth

    Used to use Neutrogena years enough before I got smart. I don’t trust many of those big companies. I’ll stick with Aubrey organics.