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Let’s not even pretend like there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard of The Simpsons. The show has been on for over 20 years, and while Sam Simon may not be a household name, he is one of the original co-creators of the absurdly popular show.

His reign in Hollywood has reached far and wide, co-producing projects like The Drew Carey Show, The George Carlin Show, Cheers, Taxi, and The Tracey Ullman Show. But TV success aside, the man is also a generous philanthropist and a vegetarian!

The 55-year-old truly loves animals, and he even started a charity called The Sam Simon Foundation, which offers to spay and neuter pets for free, and offers pro bono operations on sick dogs. They also feature an “Assistance Dogs Program,” which rescues dogs from shelters and being euthanized to train them as hearing dogs for the blind and deaf, or place them in retirement homes as pets for the elderly. Isn’t that awesome??

Simon spends millions of dollars every year to maintain his foundation and rehabilitate these shelter dogs. In a 2007 episode of 60 Minutes, the Sam Simon Foundation was described as “the grandest dog shelter in the country, a five star, six acre spread in Malibu, perhaps the most desirable real estate on the planet. Here, among the waterfalls and the manicured grounds, the Sam Simon Foundation gives stray and abandoned dogs a new lease on life, literally.”

Sounds like Simon is a class act to us!

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Check out a video of The Sam Simon Foundation below.

  • Amy

    That is so heart warming!! We need more people like him!!

  • Pitbull Lover

    This is such an amazing program. However, I was so disheartened and disappointed to watch the video and hear the woman explain what they look for when they go to the shelter. As a contributor to the sheltering and rescue worlds, I know far too well that the dogs who are REALLY in danger of euthanasia are older and are mutts or breeds with a bad reputation. It’s a little baffling that a “rescuer” would completely disregard those two groups of animals when it is well known in the sheltering world that the idea of an entire breed being aggressive is inane and preposterous, and entirely unfounded. What they should be looking for is a calm, people-focused, intelligent, loyal, eager, intelligent dog…no matter the age, no matter the breed. The pitbull I am fostering in my home right now would be an absolutely perfect candidate. It’s a shame that she wouldn’t be considered simply because of the way she looks.