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There are few ways to approach this without starting off in all caps, so let’s just go with a quote: BP CEO Bob Dudley claims that “if you put aside this Macondo incident, 2009 was the best year we’d had, and 2010 was also heading in that direction.”

Yes, Mr. Dudley (in one of the most boneheaded statements in recent memory) seems to think that the worst oil spill in history doesn’t have an impact on how well the year went for BP. Of course, Dudley is most likely referring to profits and company growth in this statement, and not to the 13 lives lost in the ordeal, or the catastrophic damage to the wildlife and coastal areas near the spill. But is that any surprise? The explosion was caused in the first place by neglect from cutting corners in order to save money, so the fact that BP would still be focused solely on profits makes sense.

So you’re right, Bob. If you ignore the Deepwater Horizon incident, 2010 was one of your best years. Also, if you put aside the fact that Jeffrey Daumer killed and ate people, he wasn’t a bad guy. If you put aside the fact that her music is terrible, Ke$ha is one of the greatest artists of all time. If you put aside the vast infinity of the reaches of space, then the universe isn’t that big.

If you put aside that statement, then you’re not a complete dope.

  • Karina

    That’s right, BP. Keep showing off your lack of common sense and intelligence.

  • Whoever…

    But this is the fault of every imbecile out there in the world who still fills up at BP stations!!

    Humans are nothing but a bunch of zombies – you spit on their face and they still say: “Thank you! Can I have some more?”

    Humans… what a pathetic species!!!

    • David

      No not really. If people didn’t go to BP stations it would hurt the bottom line of the independent station owner but has very little effect on BP.

      The way supply and demand in the gas business goes makes it almost impossible to financially hurt a company like BP. If people stop going to BP stations and let’s say they go to Shell. Well Shell doesn’t have a lot of gas in storage so they need to buy gas from somewhere to meet the demand. Guess where they buy that gas from? Well BP has a surplus, so Shell buys BP’s surplus and BP makes almost the same money as if they had sold the gas in a BP station.

      The only way the consumers can hurt BP would be to reduce the amount of gas they buy from any station. Of course that would only work if it was worldwide because if the US reduces demand and China just buys the surplus then the oil companies still don’t have a loss.

      A commodity like oil in a world market is almost immune from boycotts.

      • don miguelo

        Agreed. Well said, David, despite our usual differences.

        Big Oil is bigger than even big boycotts. A new idea must be introduced to affect change here.

  • Mike

    You might want to check your facts and clarify what you are trying to say. The statement “Worst oilspill in history” is untrue by any indicator that i have read.

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