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A good hoax will fool everyone once, but a really great one can make the rounds on the internet twice and still make waves. Today, the internet was afire with talk about MeatWater, a “high efficiency survival beverage” that comes in a variety of hurl-inducing flavors: Grilled Chicken Salad, Hungarian Goulash, Stuffed Quail, Beef Jerky, and many more.

If the thought of drinking a Liverwurst Sandwich-flavored beverage has your stomach in knots, don’t worry: MeatWater isn’t a real product. The line of beverages is the imagining of New York artist and photographer Till Krautkramer, who came up with the ridiculous (albeit convincing) concept back in 2008. It’s Krautkramer’s dedication to the project that makes it so convincing: for years now, Krautkramer has pitched this product as if it were a real thing, and even has “sample tastings.”

Why bother with all that Photoshopping and label-making? Take a look at this MeatWater Q&A and the irony becomes apparent: it notes that “people don’t have time to google, walk their dogs, or stop their workflow simply to take in a meal.” It seems that part of Krautkramer’s message is to comment on the state of nutrition and processed food these days.

There is also a mention of World Water Day in the Q&A. In response to the question, “What do you think the western world will regret in 20 years time?”: “Not paying enough attention to water.  Water is essential to life, and we should all pay attention.  This is why we are trying to raise awareness around the world today… we are proud supporters of World Water Day, and will continue to be into the future.”

Krautkramer’s MeatWater photographs have been on display in galleries across the U.S. in the past few years. To stay updated on the project, check out the blog. Or to delve deeper into the tongue-in-cheek activism of Till Krautkramer, watch one of the MeatWater “commercials” (WARNING: contains graphic images from meat processing plants).


    I’m no vegetarian, but the very idea of meat flavored water is revolting.

  • Becky

    The fact that the group representing “MeatWater” is a direct Simpsons reference got my attention first.

  • herwin

    i am a vegan but meat flavored water doesnt seem more strange to me then meat flavored BBQ sauce or meat flavored potato chips.

  • Eric Southard

    This is closer to reality than you might think. the Jones soda company makes soda flavors like turkey and mashed potatoes.

  • if you don’t know, look it up!

    I can’t understand why people would think this is a sick-making idea. The name is pretty absurd, but then, it sure follows the silliness rampart on the market with various “waters” in bottles, doesn’t it? However, the point is that all of us have probably at least heard of “meatwater” before, so to speak, and a lot of us have drunk it under names like chicken or beef broth. It’s also a huge point that many people are sick and tired of all the sweet and too sweet and too artificial things available to drink. What makes us want to hurl is yet another sugary artificial tasting “water” or low calorie beverage. It would be very nice to find something available that didn’t mimic the usual gorge of the States, soda pop. heck it would be nice to be able to go someplace and get food without having drink choices limited to soda pop or soda pop and caffiene, suually also sweetened. BTW, artitificially sweetened – heavily sweet tasting as much as sugar does.