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You can always tell the best (or at least the craziest) actors by their commitment to their roles, and Johnny Depp commits as much as anyone in Hollywood. For his role as a vampire in the upcoming movie Dark Shadows (the newest collaboration between Depp and Tim Burton), Depp is aiming to drop his weight down to a gaunt 140 lbs, and is doing so through a green tea diet.

Depp’s version of the diet includes drinking “gallons of green tea” and supplementing with low-fructose fruit… and that’s about it. Shooting for the film begins in April, so it looks like the 47-year-old is aiming to stay on this diet for quite a while.

The idea behind the green tea diet is to use the natural components of green tea to speed up weight loss: the polyphenols in the leaves are said to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and possibly even burn fat. Green tea also contains a high level of caffeine, which might lend to suppressing appetite and burning fat as well. So, Johnny might be a bit jittery for the next few months.

The unintended benefit of all this is that, in consuming only green tea and fruit, Depp will be an honorary dietary vegan for the duration of the weight loss experiment! Depp is a known fan of fried chicken, so maybe he can kick that habit with a bit of fruit and tea.

  • km


    • BenCat1000

      We second the “ha!”

  • love this site

    I took a green tea based weight loss supplement once, per directions, half hour before a meal. I ate the meal and it all came right back up. So: pretty effective weight loss plan!

  • herwin

    I drink every day green tea and i keep my perfect weight. Green tea is just magic !

    • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

      I completely agree and same here! : )

  • Jeffrey

    Wow, that is horribly unhealthy.

  • robert m

    i think 140lbs sounds more significant than it really is

    anyone know what he weighs normally for pirates?

    I’d guess around 155ish.

    I worked in a bicycle shop about ten years ago, and most of those guys came in under 150lbs – one guy was 138lbs.

    Now if i dropped to 140lbs in a few months you might have to call an ambulance (195lbs atm)

  • adam

    Normally he’s reportedly about 155 pounds…he’s 5’10”. So I guess he’s aiming for about 15 lbs. Pretty significant!

    • robert m

      not really – he’ll lose 5 lbs of water and 5lbs of feces in the first week.

  • japan tea

    If you ask me the best way is to drink Japanese teas like sencha, macha…