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SAG Awards Go Paperless, Somewhere A Tree Applauds

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Hollywood and eco-activism might go together like organic peanut butter and vegan chocolate, but the Screen Actors Guild are kicking their green efforts up a notch this year for the annual SAG Awards. The winners, unlike the Oscars or Golden Globes, are determined by the votes of all the active members of SAG. Which, sadly, means lots and LOTS of paper ballots being mailed.

This year, though, SAG is officially making a move to eliminate the paper ballots once and for all! The Guild has urged its 125,000 members (“lots”) to vote online instead of by mail, hopefully resulting in the majority of voting being completely paperless. Some have voiced concerns that older members who are less tech-savvy might not vote because of the move, so SAG is still offering to send ballots to those who specifically request them.

The SAG Awards have already made eco-friendly moves in the past, and have in fact been praised by the Environmental Media Association two years in a row for their efforts. The show is a zero-waste event (impressive, considering the scale) from the application process, which is all online as well, to the night itself: everything from bottles and cans to carpets and set pieces are recycled, the food is locally grown and served on eco-friendly serving ware, and the guests are provided hybrid cars for transportation to the event. Even the backup generator for the show runs on biodiesel!

SAG claims that it will continue to “make small steps every year” in an effort to always improve their green behavior. The paperless voting is just another step in a long line of green ideas for the awards show. It will be interesting to see how, if at all, the paperless switch affects the process, as online voting always brings with it a bit of a security risk. You have to watch out for nominee Betty White… I hear she’s quite the hacker.

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