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It’s not often you get to see an Academy Award nominee naked. Well, there was Halle Berry… and Marion Cotillard… and Marisa Tomei. Okay, you get to see Academy Award nominees naked all the time. But you don’t often see them naked in support of animal rights!

Taraji P. Henson is the latest celeb to go naked for PETA’s anti-fur ads (we saw NFL pro Willis McGahee‘s ad yesterday), which center around the theme “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” Henson’s own personal views on the matter are as clear as can be: “I don’t think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period,” said the Oscar-nominated actress. “End of story.”

Henson’s poster focuses on the horrible and brutal treatment of animals who are kept for skinning, noting that they are “electrocuted, drowned, beaten, and often skinned alive.” Henson said it “ripped my heart out” when she learned about what goes into the making of fur coats and trim, and that fueled her decision to join the campaign. She even took it a step further with a disturbing analogy: “What if someone said, ‘Black skin is the new fur’?”

As is the custom, Taraji did a behind-the-scenes video shoot and interview for the campaign as well. Check it out below:

  • m4rk0

    Do people really chance their behaviors when they see an ad like this?

  • mister jingles

    PETA stars are always in style!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin Elizabeth

    great ad. There is an old joke in Hollywood that the actresses don’t win an Oscar UNTIL they go nude (Paltrow, Berry, Roberts etc) (Even Portman has gone nude now and no surprise.. Oscar time!)

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