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We’ve been covering EcoStiletto’s exclusive interview with Aussie hottie and new mom Miranda Kerr. So far we’ve learned where the model’s environmental origins come from, and exactly what projects she’s most passionate about.

Now, in the final installment of the four-part interview, we wanted to give you another insider look at one of our favorite eco-celebs; what her favorite green fashions are, and her top eco-sin.

The wife of Orlando Bloom has been garnering a lot of attention due to her efforts to protect koalas, promote healthy living, and aid various organizations.

And as a model, Kerr has graced the runways of Prada, Jil Sander, and more, so interviewer Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff wanted to know what green fashion labels inspire the celeb.

“I love going vintage shopping—there’s nothing better than finding a one-off vintage piece!” Kerr stated. “I also really love Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly line.”

And even though Kerr is a great example of green living, she still hasn’t crossed over into the realm of animal-friendly eating. “I read that you are a pescatarian—meaning you eat fish, but not meat. Is this choice informed by environmentalism or health—or both?” Sarnoff asked.

“That’s not entirely true. I eat meat, but rarely,” explained Kerr. “I follow Dr John D’Adamo’s blood type way of life. According to the diet, as an ‘A’ blood type I am generally not supposed to eat meat. I find that when I follow the diet my digestive system functions effectively.  I’m also aware of the benefits to the environment from eating less meat, but I encourage people to do what works for them.”

Alright, Kerr hasn’t jumped on the vegan bandwagon yet, but that doesn’t mean she won’t someday. And if you think that’s the celeb’s biggest eco faux pas, think again. When asked what her worst eco-sin has been, the 27-year-old replied, “Flying, but it’s a necessity for my job. However, I try to do my best by offsetting my miles.”

Check out the full interview with Kerr here, and judge for yourself just what level her eco-sins fall into.

  • Jessica

    Good thing that stupid blood type diet was disproved long ago…

  • Charlie Canepa

    Flying? Thats her big sin? So we shouldn’t fly?
    Al-Freakin-Gore, your big headed idol, flies everywhere he goes in a private jet, has the most energy consuming home in USA, and is always in a caravan of big SUV’s while preaching to us all that we should buy his carbon credits! Also telling us we shouldn’t fly!? I’m flying, and I don’t care what Al Gore says.

  • Stephen

    So she eats meat, flies around, and had a kid. Why does she even feature in an eco puff piece? There’s nothing eco about her.

  • Hi Linda

    hmm perhaps Ms. Miranda was not informed that meat consumption is THE #1 cause of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation combined? it’s the METHANE (and NITROUS OXIDE) produced, not so much the CARBON, that is killing our planet (and ourselves!) fast. be veg, Miranda — that will better offset all your flying and driving :)

  • herwin

    Kerr is a “great example of green living” Urm, no comment on that one.

    Kerr follows the blood type diet ? Okay, better file this girl under “wacko wacko !”

  • Lucy

    I think Miranda Is a great example of green living, its impossible to be perfect and I think all of you are being harsh towards her. I don’t understand the blood type diet. That is a bit strange but it’s her life. I admire her work for koalas and she does love the environment and so do I. She doesn’t have to be a vegan to love animals. let her be!