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The Big Game is coming up, and some of you out there might already be scrambling for recipe ideas. Pleasing everyone food-wise on game day is hard enough as it is, but when you’re aiming to cook vegan… well, it can be downright daunting. But don’t you worry your eco-minded head, because we have a list of ten vegan football-food recipes that will have you doing your own touchdown dance.

10. Vegetarian Mini Meatballs


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Bite-size finger foods are key for any Super Bowl party, and these faux-meaty snacks fit the role perfectly. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, and all vegan, these mini meatballs are full of flavor courtesy of garlic, chili sauce, and red currant jelly. You’ll need some mock meat, egg replacement, and vegan bread for this one, but the recipe is about as easy as it gets, and the results are fantastic.

9. Buffalo Tofu


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Buffalo wings and football go together like… well, like buffalo wings and football. But put that deliciously spicy buffalo sauce on tofu and you will see them fly off the plate just as fast as regular wings! The idea is simple: just fry up some tofu until golden brown and crispy and then toss in buffalo sauce. Serve them up with carrots and celery, and if you’re feeling industrious you can even make your own vegan ranch dressing for dipping.

8. Chips and Guacamole


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No tricks or surprises here, no faux meats or dairy replacements, just good ol’ chips and dip. Most of the time you can get vegan-friendly tortilla chips from the store, but if you’re worried about lard you can always make your own chips! Find some vegan tortillas of your choosing, then bake or fry them and season as you please. As far as guac goes, Alton Brown has a simple, straightforward recipe that also happens to be delicious. You can also peruse Food Network’s 50 Game Day Dips for more ideas, which includes many vegan options (and many very NOT vegan options, so be careful!).

7. Vegan Cupcakes


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All those savory fried foods are great, but sweets are a must as well. And few vegan desserts work as well and taste as delicious as a batch of vegan cupcakes. This recipe gives you a choice of almond or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate frosting (just add cocoa powder wherever you want it). For an added twist, you can try some vegan cream cheese frosting on top. Oh, and don’t forget the green/yellow/black food coloring!

6. Sweet Potato Fries

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Forget popcorn. If you’re going to bring out a big bowl of snack food for everyone to dig into, make it something fried! Regular potatoes are fine of course, but sweet potato fries add an extra level of flavor (and a little more nutritional value, too). For a healthier batch, you can always bake them… but hey, it’s the Big Game. Indulge a little! As far as dips go, you can go with ketchup or you can let your imagination run wild: for instance, a vegan garlic aioli goes great with these fries.

5. Potato Angels (Deviled Egg Substitute)

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Those ubiquitous staples of game day finger foods—deviled eggs—are not an option with eggs out of the running. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a rich, silky, flavorful substitute! These “Potato Angels” use small potatoes and vegan mayonnaise to replicate (surprisingly faithfully!) the classic deviled egg. Plus, you won’t have to do all that hard-boiling and peeling!

4. Corn Puppies or Sweet Potato Hushpuppies

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At the risk of sounding obsessed, fried food is really the best thing ever, isn’t it? If you’re in agreement, then these Corn Puppies are for you. Using flour and cornmeal, this recipe takes the classic hushpuppy and adds tofu dogs for an extra twist. For a richer, non-cornmealy option, you can try these Sweet Potato Balls as well (just use egg substitute). Try adding corn into the mix for extra sweetness, and dip them in some vegan sour cream before taking a bite. These are so delicious, even non-vegans will be begging you for the recipe.

3. Vegan Nachos

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With so many dairy and meat toppings, nachos can be a daunting idea for the vegan host. Luckily, has an effective “melty cheese” recipe that makes this whole vegan nachos thing a heck of a lot easier. You’ll need a few strange ingredients (pimento, yeast flakes, and cashews all go into this cheese, oddly enough), but the soymilk-based melty cheese turns out great. Past that, just throw whatever toppings you want onto your nachos (don’t forget the guacamole you made, and the vegan sour cream!) and you’re ready for the Big Game.

2. Eco-Oreo Truffles

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Yes, you read that right. Oreo Truffles. Listen, we’re not making healthy vegan foods here, we’re making delicious vegan junk food fit for football (and nothing says junk food like Oreos). You know that cream filling in Oreos? That’s just hydrogenated oil, so believe it or not, Oreos are actually vegan. But still, you will probably want to go with the organic “Newman-O’s” from Newman’s Own, which has a filling made from palm fruit oil that is not hydrogenated and does not have trans fats. The page lists both a vegetarian version (which includes cream cheese and white chocolate bark) and a vegan version (which uses vegan cream cheese and vegan dark chocolate instead), so you can make your pick depending on your diet. Either way, they make a perfect dessert. Just don’t eat the whole plate yourself.

1. Vegetable Samosas

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Samosas make a perfect little fried treat, packed with flavor and spices enveloped in a crunchy shell. Samosas often have meat in them (usually lamb), but they can be easily made with vegetables as well, and in a healthy vegan dough. You can choose to bake or fry these as you see fit (Fry them! Fry them!), but either way they make a great finger food. Vegans and non-vegans alike will love these, and you have the luxury of preparing them in advance, letting them sit, and then baking/frying them when the time is right.

So there you have it: 10 delicious vegan recipes to get you ready for the Super Bowl. For more assistance in putting together a vegan spread, be sure to check out PETA’s list of vegan snacks, which offers many vegan-friendly brand-name products that you can put out on the table, some of them quite surprising. Little Debbie Cake Donuts are vegan? Ritz crackers? How can anything that buttery not have butter in it?

Happy vegan cooking, everyone!

  • love this site

    Thank you so much! You’ve not only given me great vegan ideas, but turned me on to a number of really cool food sites that I did not know about. Happy Game Day!

  • Nathan Pope

    Those are some really good ideas! I might have to try out that samosa recipe

  • Melissa

    I won’t be watching the game, but I might just have to check out some of these recipes (the somosas of course and maybe the buffalo tofu).

  • Katie

    These are good suggestions, however, the cupcake recipe on the Food Network site has been blatantly stolen from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.

  • herwin

    should print it and show it to the next person who thinks vegan food is limited and dull because “we” don’t use animal ingredients.;-)
    Mouthwatering recipes , thanks for posting. :-)

  • Priya Mahadevan

    Love all those ideas!

  • littleant

    I am so excited that my husband’s recipe made this list!!!! You have to try the potato angels…they are amazing!!!
    AND not stolen….completely original!!!

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  • Kalie

    It’s estimated around 130-155 million pounds of food in consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Wings dominate, with chips and dip in second… Can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday!!

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  • Ina Mohan

    These snacks all look awesome!
    I can also recommend some tried and true vegan snacks that I like to make with broccoli for big parties like that – yes indeed: healthy snacks for Super Bowl!
    Here is Firecracker Broccoli:

    or this broccoli dip with brazil nuts:

  • jamessina

    Awesome photos! We posted our own mini Super Bowl vegan fare, check it out on We tried to stay away from meat substitutes with the exception of the Seitan Taco Bar, but trust me, the candied parsnips are amazing!! thanks to everyone who is posting vegan super bowl ideas!

  • Judith Jaehn

    Oh my, oh my, what beautiful goodies, where do I begin?! These are fantastic recipes, forget game, we can all stuff ourselves on these wonderful vegan goodies..Just look at those Sweet Potato Hush Puppies! Goodness how I love Sweet Potatoes, look at those fries! Thank you so much for these amazing recipes, my husband and I love cooking together, actually I take alot of time outs!! My husband’s going to flip when he sees all these wonderful recipes… They are all beautiful and yummy looking!You’re absolutely right herwin, there’s no reason for anyone to gripe about giving up meat because of not having a good vegan dishes. I’ve been eating them for close to 20 years, and look at all these wonderful recipes. Thanks so much.. :)

  • Judith Jaehn

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

  • chelsea

    Buffalo tofu sounds amazing! I have to try it. I have been looking for a vegan “meatball” recipe but not a big fan of mock meats. Think this would work with tempeh?

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  • scales

    Not bad, i enjoy fresh tucker. Fresh veggies is the way to go!