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I know a lot of our readers are avid hunters, so for some of you this may be old news. But for those who haven’t heard of the Safari Club International (SCI), then let me just tell you that they had a convention in Reno this past weekend to discuss— what else?— hunting animals! And they’re celeb guest du jour? The one and only, Sarah Palin!

The club calls itself, “The leader in protecting the freedom to hunt,”and the convention amasses tens of thousands of hunters to buy and sell guns, talk trips to Mozambique, and swap stories about trophy rooms. Past speakers at the event have included the likes of George W. Bush and Tom Ridge, so it’s only fitting that the former Republican vice-presidential candidate have a crack at it.

“We eat organic— we just have to shoot it first,” Palin proudly proclaimed. “And it comes wrapped in fur, not cellophane.”

A report by the Daily Beast revealed that among those present included, “315 deer, 87 elk, 11 moose, and 132 representatives of similarly antlered species.” All stuffed. Disgusting.

Palin focused much of her speech on the values of hunting and, for her, that included the inspiration it can provide for naming your children. “Piper was named after Todd’s airplane, the Piper Cub, which gets us to the hunting grounds… Bristol, Bristol Bay fishing grounds. Willow, a local sport-fishing stream. Trig, I pull the TRIG-ger. Track… I remember when we told my dad that his grandson was named Track, he said, ‘Like TRACKing an elephant?'”

Naturally, the folks attending the convention ate this up and by all accounts her words went over quite well with the crowd… But for those of us who don’t like our animals with a side of potatoes, this just serves as further evidence that Sarah Palin is awful. Just awful.

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  • Karina

    Wow this woman is a disgusting moron. She is just a waste of life.

  • BanTheFurTrade

    The Safari Club is absolutely vile! Nothing but sickos that get their thrills by killing as many animals as possible, not for food, but strictly for “trophies”. I could say this makes me respect Palin even less, but I didn’t have any respect for her to begin with. What a horrible group of people! I’m sure she fit right in.

    • Judith Jaehn

      They are a horrific group of monsters. Someone should dress Ted Nugent and Palin up like two Bears, and the hunt is on!
      The last group of people that went to Africa to hunt an Elephant were on facebook and had someone video tape as they killed this beautiful, majestic male Elephant. As he was nibbling these monsters snuck around the corner and just started shooting, I screamed so loud that my husband thought I’d died, I felt like my heart had.. I turned away and I could hear them shooting at least 20 times. I had my husband put this dear hearts photo in my facebook photo’s, so whenever someone challenges me, I can throw this horrific photo right in their face, so to speak…
      A sport is when both parties know exactly what’s going on…
      These people have such dark hearts….

    • Michael Raymer

      That’s a load of crap and you should, first, give evidence to support your claim and second, be ashamed of yourself for not having any.

      I have stated on other threads that I have nothing but respect for vegans and I wish you all the luck in the world in getting others to follow your lead. Spreading manure like this is going to do nothing but damage your cause.

      • Michael Raymer

        To keep from any confusion, my reply was in response to BTFTs’ post, not Judiths’.

      • herwin

        you’re loosing your marbles, pal…

      • Michael Raymer

        That means a lot, coming from you.

      • BanTheFurTrade

        So you’re telling me that the Safari Club ISN’T all about trophy hunting? What exactly do they do, then? I’ve seen the disgusting magazines they publish, filled with nothing but “hunter porn”. They are horrible, sick people. That’s my opinion, nothing’s going to change it, and I’m not ashamed to repeat it.

  • herwin

    there’s a big diference between somebody living in the woods (so to speak) and shooting his dinner, or this club of sickos who kill animals for sport and have their hunting holidays in exotic countries.

  • Ina Mohan

    Care2 was just discussing with members if we should get a Palin-free month, where we are spared any further media coverage about the stupid assaults on our good taste and intelligence that Palin masters so well.

    How about that? While her continuous blunders are amusing at best, her frequent media exposure may have some people think she is actually someone of importance – and that is a scary thought!

    • herwin

      i myself like to know whats going on and what Palin and the likes are doing, like, being a guestspeaker at a sportshunter organisation.
      Not writing about Palin only makes us uninformed about her, and that seems a bad choiche to make, wouldnt you agree ?

  • BenCat1000

    Sarah Palin is a walking demon.

    You Betcha!

  • Bob

    Yeah that is awful killing the meat you eat yourself. Why can’t Palin be like a normal person and eat meat that someone else killed for you at a slaughterhouse?

    • Michael Raymer

      As Palin demonstrated on that ridiculous show of hers, she is not a hunter. The only reason groups like SCI aren’t booing her out of the room is because she’s l’il miss TeaParty Princess and many, if not most hunters are very right-wing.

      • herwin

        Palin is not a hunter ? i and many others only could wish !

        Most hunters are right wing ?
        I would like to see on which data you base that assumption.
        Democrats like to hunt as well. Just remember John Kerry who invites the media on one of his goose hunting trips. Hey, i didnt see any democrat or left winger journalist getting upset about that.

    • Michael Raymer

      OK you win. Everyone at this SCI gathering was a liberal democrat. There wasn’t a single republican or conservative in the room.

      Happy now?

      • Michael Raymer

        BTW, the following is a recent post from herwin:

        ” your really have to respond (and disagree) to ALL posts, don’t you ? Even this simple post…”

        Anyone else see the similarity?

      • herwin

        thats a very childish response. I just respond to your blund statement that “most hunters are very right wing”.

        Besides, whats your interest in the hunting topic ? You have strongly defended eating pigs and cows because these animals are not inteligent. You at the same time are stronly anti whaling because these whales and dolphins are inteligent. So now the big Q is, since pigs and cows are not inteligent enough to be saved from the slaughterhouses (according to you), i assume that you are pro hunting because most hunted land animals and birds rank well below cows and pigs regarding “inteligence”.
        If you are anti hunting, i really am confused about your reasoning concerning which animal cna be killed and which animal cannot be killed…

        I am not go to respond to your off topic selective quoting…

      • Michael Raymer

        Selective quoting? No, it’s not selective quoting. It’s you being an overly emotional little girl with obvious daddy issues. And for whatever reason, you have decided to take them out on me. And I can’t stop you from doing so. But as you see baby-girl, this punching bag punches back. I didn’t ask for this ongoing confrontation with you, and it will end just as soon as you let it.

        My remarks are made from the stand point of being a hunter myself and being around hunters my entire life. The caribou hunting episode of Palins show pointed out to me that she is no hunter. You and I had a brief dialogue about it on the Palin/Sorkin thread(back before you decided to start attacking me just for the hell of it).

        If you want to know the political affiliations of hunters, go meet them yourself and ask them.

      • herwin

        @ Michael, its easy to see who is overemotional.:P

        So you hunt animals, eat pigs and cows, and spend all your free time on your computer telling other people in other countries how wrong it is to kill whales and dolphins.
        uh, i get it..

      • herwin

        i respond to some of your awkward statements (like “Sarah Palin isnt a hunter” and “cows and pigs are not inteligent like dolphins”.)
        I wouldnt call that “attacking you”, responding to a post is very normal on a forum / thread. If you can’t take that, please stay away or start your private forum with your rules..
        And its a bit “strange” (AKA “hypocritical”) to hear that from a guy who himself posts about a dozen or so responses to the pro whaling trolls day in day out.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, first of all, cows and pigs aren’t as intelligent as dolphins. Get over it. Second, my “selective quoting” seems to be right there with your selective memory. I thoroughly documented your attacks against me in an earlier thread.

        January 27 @ 11:28pm on the Whale Warrior Thread:

        “The following are direct quotes from herwin:

        How dare we compare cows, pigs, and chickens with dolphins ! Heavens forbid.

        @ Michael ,this is just for poking fun at you ; -(this is from herwin, who doesn’t like to get personal)

        oh ? you don’t ? You start sounding like a Greenpeacer.. -(this is also from herwin, who doesn’t like to get personal and who thinks the REST of us should keep insults to ourselves)

        Michael, i think this whole Whale Wars is getting to your head.

        In other words, dolphins are inteligent and cant be eaten. Pigs, cos and chickens are dumb and can be kept in factory farms and be eaten. -(for someone who wants quotes, where did I ever say that?)

        Eating dolphins and whales is not okay but eating cows, pigs and chickens from factory farms is okay ? -(never said that either)

        See cows, pigs and chickens being killed (on internet videos) and terrible abused, and all you can think is “these animals are a lower kind of animals”. No feelings for THESE animals, eh. -(never said that either, never thought that, and I never said I have no feelings for these or any other animals”

        THAT is what I call attacking me. Misquoting me, putting words in my mouth, accusing me of things I never said or thought. And yes, babygirl, I can take it. The question is, how long will you continue to dish it out?

        ” i assume that you are pro hunting because most hunted land animals and birds rank well below cows and pigs regarding “inteligence”.”

        I would be happy to discuss my views on this very subject with anyone who is interested in engaging in constructive debate and is willing to hear from a viewpoint not their own. So that leaves YOU out. I am not going to throw more wood on your little hysteria fire.

  • herwin

    Thats a slight distortion of the truth. Palin is a sports hunter and kills for fun and not for bringing food to the table, or do you think that she actually eats the wolves and the polar bears that she has killed ?
    The Safari Club International where Palin had her speech, isnt a club of people who shoot their dinner its rather a bunch of elitist people who are looking to shoot exotic animals.
    These people dont talk about shooting a rabbit and cook it, rather shooting a bear in the mountains or a lion in Mozambique, and take a bloody trophee of the poor animal.