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I think that the secret is out: if you don’t eat healthy food, your body will pay the price.

But as easy as making healthy choices sounds, few understand just how difficult it really is to get the right food on your plate. Hence the need for Chow Down, a new documentary that seeks to expose the three main factors to our country’s health downfall: the government’s backing of the food industry, the medical community simply going along with the status quo, and our addiction to cheap, convenient food.

The documentary follows Charles, a married 45-year-old and father of two who is shocked into action after learning that he has cardiovascular disease and the blockages in his heart are so severe that his surgeon refuses to operate. Charles decides to take control of his life, and try to reverse his prognosis through changing his diet from unhealthy to “plant-based.”

He does this with the help of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who is the director of one of the longest-running studies attempting to prove that a plant-based diet can reverse even late stage heart disease.

The film seems truly needed and eye opening, and may serve as a wake up call to those behind the medical industry.

And if you live in New York then you are officially invited to a private screening of the movie! The screening starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a Q&A (with our very own Ecorazzi Senior Editor, Michael Parish DuDell) and cocktails! How fun! It’s taking place on Tuesday, Feb. 8th at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and make sure to reserve a space at For more upcoming screenings click here, and check out the movie trailer below!

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  • Karina

    Ugh, I have class that day :(. Does anyone know when the movie officially comes out? I can’t wait to see it. And “Forks Over Knives” too.

  • Karina

    Never mind about it coming out; you could watch it on hulu for free.

  • herwin

    hey Michael, enjoy the party but after some cocktails stay away from the cheese, eh…don’t be like “her”.

    • BenCat1000


    • Karina

      Herwin, I agree with you on most of your posts, but really, leave Alicia Silverstone alone already. You should never kept it a secret that she’ll has a bit of cheese sometimes, and while I don’t think that’s right, she’s still doing much more for the animals and the environment than most people.

      • Karina

        *She never kept it a secret that she has a bit of cheese sometimes

  • km

    Congratulations Michael. Where you involved with the film? All of this is great news. I just really hope that people who advocate a plant based diet continue to also show that too much processed food is bad for you, and the environment, whether plant based or not.