With all kinds of major events like the BP oil spill and just about every country in northern Africa deposing its leader, it’s easy to forget that Haiti is still in dire need of international aid. Just over a year after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit, Haiti is still only in the early stages of rebuilding: less than 5% of the rubble has been cleared, and many Haitians are still living under tarps and makeshift shelters. Violence and sexual attacks are prevalent, and cholera has become a major problem due to the loss of infrastructure.

That’s why celebrities around the world are joining to launch the “Haiti: Aid Still Required” campaign. The group of supporting celebs is a diverse one, with actors, musicians, athletes, and reality stars all pitching in. Participating celebrities include Olivia Wilde, Maroon 5, Sting, Janet Jackson, The Hills star Lauren Conrad, NBA stars Paul Pierce, Paul Gasol, Greg Oden, composer Hans Zimmer, and many more.

Aid Still Required co-founder Andrea Herz Payne describes the project’s goals as providing “free schooling to middle and high school-aged children, and free medical care and counseling to women who have been attacked.” ASR’s overreaching goals include implementing solutions to areas and communities hit by natural disasters and human crises that are effective and environmentally friendly. So, the Haiti project will not only be helpful to its people but will also set up long-term sustainability in the process. Bonus!

Plus, this might be the only time you see Ed Begley Jr. and Common on the same project… at least until Begley starts his rap career.

  • whitney

    Sorry. It’s not trendy to donate to Haiti anymore; that was sooo last year. Next!

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      thats a very unfair remark to all people that have been donating to haiti. As if they have done it because it was “trendy”.
      The fact that a year after that diaster there is yet another Haiti campaign surely means that haiti isnt forgotten at all.
      On the other hand, rebuilding a nation that already was in ruins before the quak, might be a mission imposibble…