by Ali Garfinkel
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Photo: Facebook

Possums search through garbage, a cat was recently tossed into a garbage can, Anne Hathaway was recently cast as Catwoman, historically cats are opposed by dogs, a dog’s near evolutionary equivalent is a wolf, wolves howl, and James Franco was in a movie called Howl.

Boom. There you go. Six degrees of separation connecting all three celebrities: James Franco, Anne Hathaway, and now…Heidi the Opossum.

I guess an easier way to link them would to just say that they’ll all be hosting the Academy Awards (but it was a lot more fun my way).

Sources say ABC wants Heidi, the now famous cross-eyed possum from Germany to help co-host the awards, or at the very least, make a guest appearance. The animal gained hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans after photos of her surfaced back in December. She currently resides at the Leipzig Zoo, where employees there say they’ve always “tried to treat Heidi like the other animals, and shield her from marketing ploys.”

Although it would only be through a video link, PETA is not pleased (duh), and animal experts fear that fame often cripples an animal, rather than benefiting it. Hopefully any decision made keeps Heidi’s best interests in mind. While some see it as something detrimental, it could also bring more attention to the fight to save abandoned and abused animals.

I guess it just goes to show that when it comes to being a Hollywood celebrity, nothing is impossumble! (cough Jersey Shore cough)