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Photo: animal planet

Well, folks, it’s finally here! The Puppy Bowl is back this year for another dose of adorable overload. For those of you who don’t know, every year during Super Bowl weekend, Animal Planet broadcasts it’s own version of the game— instead of all-star athletes, they’re puppies, and instead of leather-skinned footballs, they’re foam toys— could it get any better?

Oh, it can. The special ‘bowl-cam’ is attached to their water bowls, and used for closeups of the thirsty puppy’s face for a super boost of cuteness you just can’t help but squeal in delight for. Don’t be ashamed, guys. I’ve seen the most masculine of men do it.

Not only will this program fulfill your need for mind numbing fluff-on-fluff action, but it’s also for a great cause: All of the puppy players featured are from shelters, and the show gives the audiences info on how you can adopt the rescued puppies as well as support your local shelter.

The program airs Sunday, February 6th @ 3pm E/P.

Check out a clip of last year’s MVP, puppy Jake! Too cute!

  • Michael Raymer

    OK, I’m going to type this quickly before someone comes along and rips us a new one for being eco-Nazis for daring to use puppies for entertainment. I mean, what cold-blooded, heartless bastards, we!

    Anyway, this sounds like a lot more fun then that stoopid Lingerie Bowl that someone else does. But then, that’s just the cold-blooded, heartless, eco-Nazi bastard that I am.

    Hitting “Submit” like my life depended on it….now!

  • Ali Garfinkel

    They’re just running around getting exercise instead of sitting locked up in cages and shelters all day, and it’s only recorded so shelters can advertise the rescues for people to adopt. It gets their little furry faces out there so someone can fall in love and take care of them.

    Let em rip us a new one. I’ll rip one right back!

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