by Ali Garfinkel
Categories: Eats, Transport.

Zpizza is jumping on the bandwagon— the electric, two-wheeled bandwagon— and restaurant locations in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach are gearing up to use Thrust Electric Eco-Delivery bikes to deliver pizzas this year for the Super Bowl.

The restaurant keeps green by using things like organic ingredients, reusable pizza boxes, and containers and bags that can be turned into compost. Now, they’re adding commercial-grade electric bikes to the list to reduce their carbon emissions.

You don’t need a driver’s license to drive a Thrust bike, and what’s more, is that you don’t need to worry about fuel, insurance, or even parking (I know, right?!).

Pizza Rustica locations, which are scattered throughout Los Angeles, already incorporate the bikes into their delivery service, and it is reported that more than “40 other delivery locations will test the bikes this spring.”

Reduce your carbon footprint by hopping on an electric bike.  How do you like that?

  • Hart Noecker

    Serving meat undermines ever ‘green’ effort this company is making. The amount of water wasted, and the amount of greenhouse gasses produced in producing meat far outweigh the benefit of delivering pizza by motorcycle instead of automobile.

  • BenCat1000


  • Peter

    Hey Hart and Ben,

    Lighten up, It’s a step in the right direction, they’re using electric bikes not motorcycles. Order the Vegie if you don’t like meat;-)

  • Deborah

    Glad to see a company taking a step in the right direction! My all-time favorite is still Pizza Fusion, though. Now THAT’S a green company! Oh yeah, and the food is flippin’ delicious :-)