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Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, stars of Planet Green’s hit reality series “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”, are taking their Beekman 1802 business to the next level with a new partnership with Williams-Sonoma.

The gents have already made some nice moves selling their organic goat’s milk soap and cheese to upscale retailers around the country — but this latest pairing is all about the veggies.

The luxury kitchen chain is selling a box set of 10 Landreth heirloom seeds branded with the Beekman 1802 design and featuring some classic illustrations. The collection represents varieties that have been grown in the historic Beekman gardens over the centuries – and that are still grown today.

According to the listing, the heirloom seeds are in their purest form and have never been genetically modified, “thus helping to preserve the genetic diversity of our nation’s food supply.”

But according to Brent and Josh, this is more than just a seed packet. This is an opportunity to create the world’s largest community garden.

“Our aim is to get 10,000 gardeners to grow 10 of the same heirloom vegetables that we grow at Beekman Farm,” write the boys. “We’ve hand-selected the collection because we felt these vegetables would be easy for anyone to grow. Throughout the season, you can grow right along with us, ask questions of one another, submit pictures of your prize produce AND win great prizes from Beekman 1802 and Williams-Sonoma.”

The kit includes seeds for cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, turnips, sweet pepper, radish, winter squash, bush beans, and pumpkins. It’s selling for $20 here.

What do you think? Want to get involved with the Beekman duu? Let us know below if you plan on taking the challenge below!

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  • herwin

    i am starting a veggie garden on the roof with making my own compost. it would be nice to have some good varieties and not the commercial (excuzes le mot) commercial crap.