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Most people in their right mind wouldn’t dream of having a 550lb African lion as a house pet, but many individuals choose to keep lions, tigers, chimpanzees, and other exotic animals right in their backyards just the same. These owners have a love for their animals that is as deep as any pet owner’s and believe that they have a right to keep them, while the opposition claims that keeping exotic pets is not only inhumane, but dangerous to the owners and others in the area.

A new documentary, The Elephant in the Living Room, is here to explore the debate. The film follows police officer and animal advocate Tim Harrison, who has spent the last 30 years rescuing animals and responding to calls about exotic pets. On the other side is Terry Brumfield, the owner of a fully-grown male African lion. The two clash over Brumfield’s right to keep his pets, creating a microcosm of the debate at large.

Harrison’s work is fascinating, bringing him up against a sixteen-foot Burmese python in a parking lot, a ten-foot alligator walking the streets of a small town, and a 550lb lion attacking cars on a freeway.

The documentary has already been screened at a number of film festivals across the U.S., and is set for a limited release in April. To see a list of cities, visit the website, and check out the trailer below!

  • Sonia

    I met Tim at my bookstore and read his book Wildlife Warrior. He’s a terrific and intelligent guy. It’s great what he’s doing. Very scary though as he showed us a video of some of his captures.

    This looks like a great movie!

  • herwin

    Thanks Tim for making this doc ! Let’s hope it will stir up the exotic pet debate.
    One thing though, exotic pets arent just the big guys like elephants and tigers, but far more dramatic are the small guys like the countles baby turtles, lizards, snakes, fish, birds, exotic rodents, like in the PETSMART shops.
    Anyone who missed Peta’s latest shocking undercover campaign of PETSMART please see this webpage :

  • don miguelo

    Yeah I just saw a baby tortoise in Petco this weekend, and was thinking, really? they live to be over a hundred years old and here they being sold to 5 year old kids? Lame.

    And anyone who wants a wild pet is an idiot. Let nature be in nature, don’t let it eat you or strangers around you because your ego has exotic needs. Chimps, tigers, lions– have not been domesticated like dogs and cats for thousands of years, they belong in the wild as they are wild. If you love them so much you would not risk having them have to be shot by animal control.