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We told you last week about Gisele Bundchen‘s claim that she doesn’t use sunscreen because, “I cannot put this poison on my skin. I do not use anything synthetic.”

The story was first seen in the Daily Mail, where Bundchen explained that she avoids skin damage by only exposing herself to the sun before 8 a.m. when, according to her, the rays are at their weakest.

Obviously calling sunscreen a “poison” was not well received by cancer experts, though based on a lot of the comments we received this idea of sunscreen as a toxic substance is a sentiment shared by many of our readers.

Now, though, the supermodel is backpedaling on that initial statement, and has taken to her blog to clarify the situation. “I would like to clarify the misunderstanding about the use of sunblock,” Bundchen wrote. “I do use sunblock but also I try my best not to be exposed to the sun when it is too strong. My line of skincare products are all natural and do not contain SPF. I feel we all need to pay more attention to what we are putting on our skin. I definitely know the importance of using sunscreen and I try to look for more natural options. This is a place where they have a list of some more natural option sunscreens, check it out here.”

Hmm… Okay. Perhaps her initial statement got last in translation?

Her publicist, Amber Clapp, also made a point to add, “Gisele would never say not to use sunscreen because she has had family members who have had skin cancer.” She then continued, “When using sunscreens, she selects ones that are free of parabens, oxybenzone, PABA and retinyl palmitate.”

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  • Sara

    Gisele claims to use only natural products in her skin care line but she is lying to the public. She uses Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in her products and phenoxyethanol is not natural nor is it safe. There are negative health effects associated with the use of phenoxyethanol which is why the FDA put out a warning to nursing mothers using a nipple cream containing phenoxyethanol. The FDA has already publicly stated that “phenoxyethanol can depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and diarrhea”. Gisele should spend more time doing research than promoting a product that IS NOT NATURAL: “According to Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, phenoxyethanol affected brain and nervous system in animals at moderate doses. In 1990 Journal of the American College of Toxicology reported that phenoxyethanol also acts as an endocrine disruptor that also caused damage to bladder and acute pulmonary edema in animals. Early 1980s studies also suggest that phenoxyethanol can cause DNA mutations – again, only in animals.” “Phenoxyethanol is a scientifically proven irritant to human skin and eyes (Comparison of objective and sensory skin irritations of several cosmetic preservatives. Lee E, An S, Choi D, Moon S, Chang I. Contact Dermatitis. 2007 Mar;56(3):131-6.) and it is classified as irritant in European Union. Phenoxyethanol is also restricted for use in Japan.” “Phenoxyethanol is an aromatic ether alcohol. What does this mean? This ingredient starts out as phenol, a toxic white crystalline powder that’s created from benzene (a known carcinogen) and then is treated with ethylene oxide (also a known carcinogen) and an alkalai.”

    Gisele likes to tout that her products are paraben and phthalate free, which they are, but she is using something equally as dangerous as parabens and phthalates and trying to manipulate the public. Does she expose her child to these products as well?

    Truth about phenoxyethanol: “Phenoxyethanol could be naturally derived, and is a naturally occuring compound in roses, however if you wanted to buy Phenoxyethanol distilled from roses it would cost you $2000/lb, and no one sells it. So what the chemical suppliers do is market a ‘natural identical’ material that is made from petroleum feed stocks. If you are just looking to be “paraben free”, there is no problem with using phenoxyethanol. IF you are looking for a natural preservative system then phenoxyethanol is not it.”

    As for sunscreen being a poison. Gisele should have stuck with that one because commercial sunscreen is poisoness to our bodies. Gisele did a great disservice by backing out of her original statement. In the future she should become more informed on such topics and therefore, could state her case well without causing harm to those of us in the industry that would like to see more regulation of the synthetic chemicals being used in cosmetics. The only active ingredient that is safe in sunscreen are non-nano particle Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide, combined with natural skin softeners and natural moisturizers. Commercial sunscreens containing Menthyl anthranilate, PABA; Oxybenzone and Benzophenone-3; Homosalate; Octy-methoxycinnamate (octinoxate); Parabens (butyl-,ethyl-,methyl-,and propyl-); Padimate-O and Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone); Phthalates (often hiding in “fragrance”). Also, the overuse of sunscreen containing these chemicals blocks vitamin D and is linked to the rise in cases of rickets.

    Gisele should just stop talking and stick with what she knows. MODELING for other peoples crappy products!!!!!!

  • LittleMe

    She ought to think a little more before opening her mouth, particularly when it is potentially detrimental to the health of girls and young women.