If we’ve learned anything over the years it’s that celebrities love getting naked and posing for Playboy, err… PETA. I meant PETA.

We told you that Joss Stone would be the next celeb up to the naked bat! And now the ad for the sultry R&B singer turned actor (with roles in the film Eragon and the TV show The Tudors) is out. The 23-year-old posed naked for PETA and their campaign to draw attention to the plight of bears— apparently an entire bear’s hide is required to make just one of the Queen’s Guards’ ceremonial caps, cruelly killing black bears where faux fur could easily fill in.

PETA UK is asking supporters of their campaign against using bear fur to sign a petition and make their opinions known, you can sign up here.

For a naked PETA ad this one is fairly tame, a cute little stuffed bear covering most of the singer’s body. Though based off of a lot of the comments we’ve been getting, some of you think that these ads have gone too far in exploiting the men and women who pose for them. Other recent naked PETA ads have included Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson, Justin Gaston, NFL stars Willis McGahee and Chad Ochocinco, and of course one of our eco-faves, Pam Anderson.

What do you think of Joss Stone’s ad, is it effectively getting the message across?

  • Rebecca

    I personally find those ‘Rather Go Naked’ ads for PETA very off putting.
    I’m in no way a prude,and could care less if starlets and celebutantes want to go naked,but I find their participation in the campaign quite disingenuous.
    Now,even though I find the motives of the celebs questionable,if I felt they were really making a significant difference I could look past it.
    But,think about it. Those ads are targeting young men and women. Telling young men and women ‘not to wear fur’.
    With the economy in the way that it is,how many teens are walking around in mink coats?Really? Is the astronomical cost being put into these campaigns actually worth it?
    A more pressing problem seems to be animal neglect,abandonment,& cruelty. With money being so tight nowadays,often care for one’s animal becomes secondary or tertiary. I know PETA works on that issue,but I feel an inordinate amount of resources are poured into the ‘Rather Go Naked’ ads,when those resources could be put to better use on an issue that is more likely to effect an American teenager.Like appropriate pet care.
    This is just my personal opinion. Sorry about the rant:)

    • Erin La Rosa

      No reason to apologize! We love hearing what you think! Thanks for the feedback!