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We told you about Jamie Oliver‘s big plans to re-vamp the Los Angeles public school system and their lunch program as part of his “Food Revolution,” despite the fact that he was already facing an uphill battle. Now it seems his revolution may be on hold indefinitely.

The Los Angeles Unified School District originally refused to allow cameras into their cafeterias because they weren’t interested in the “drama of reality TV.” But the celebrity chef was undeterred, and still moved forward with plans to focus on the LA school district.

However, it looks like revolutionizing the local high schools might be a near impossibility now that permits for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” have been revoked, after Oliver failed to provide a proposal of his plans for the show.

Robert Alaniz, a spokesman for the school district, told the Los Angeles Times that as a result of a bad experience with a reality show in the past, the permits would not be available. In addition, Alaniz stated that after seeing the “conflict and drama” that occurred with Oliver’s revolution of a Huntington, West Virginia, school district, “We’re not interested in that.”

Even though Oliver’s Food Revolution was praised by many as a unique effort to combat childhood obesity, and he even won a $100k TED Award for his project, the LA school district has been particularly difficult on this matter, making some question what exactly it is they’re trying to hide from cameras.

On Wednesday, Oliver spoke at UCLA’s School of Public Health, and claimed that his filming permit was revoked because he could not promise to make the school district “look good.”