by Ali Garfinkel
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When it comes to expressing her beliefs, Vivienne Westwood’s bark sure has bite.

The famed fashion designer is not happy about the British government’s plan to sell off sections of England’s forests to private corporations. She referred to the plan as “stupid,” and has joined the list of signatures on the Save England’s Forests campaign.

Dame Westwood has been quite the activist for nature preservation before. Back in December she started promoting Cool Earth coffee, a campaign that helped raise funds to save a specific section of the rainforest for every jar of coffee bought. Now, she is adding to her efforts and pressing the government to stop trying to make a profit by selling England’s forests.

Once the trees are bought, the government is powerless to control what is done with the land, so the entire area may be chopped down! This is the ultimate move of exploitation of nature for profit.

I hope Robin Hood hasn’t given away all of the riches he stole to the poor— he’s definitely going to need some to afford an apartment down in the city after Sherwood Forest is snatched up by foreign companies.

Westwood made another statement, saying “I’m too busy to go walking in the woods. I hardly ever do it. But I certainly want to know it’s there. People were very shocked when their water was somehow or other owned by a French company. The forest is a more emotional thing. It’s like taking away your heritage.”

Agreed, Vivienne. Almost all of the trees have been around long before anyone else was, who knows what little secrets lay within the history of those forests? When you destroy tree roots, you destroy your own roots!

  • Nadine Brown

    I am not english, so I want to know if/where an American gal like me can sign up?

  • Ali Garfinkel

    You may take part and sign the petition here!