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For years, people have been trying to find proof of the elusive Bigfoot only to end up with blurry photos, low-quality video, or a rubber gorilla suit. Cheap, faulty equipment won’t be an excuse any more, as TV network Animal Planet is joining in the search for the mysterious man-ape.

Animal Planet will be following Michael Greene, a man from Salisbury, NC who claims he saw Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest two years ago. Greene says he has been tracking Bigfoot across the U.S. and Canada, all the way from the Yukon to the Adirondacks, and finally managed to make contact in the Uwharrie National Forest. Greene reportedly lured the Bigfoot out using a Zagnut candy bar (Bigfoots love Zagnuts) and captured a thermal image of the beast. That was enough of a tease for Animal Planet, apparently, who is now sending out a film crew to document Greene’s attempt to find Bigfoot again.

Greene sounds optimistic that they will be successful in his search, as he believes there to be many Bigfoots out there. “They multiply and there has to be thousands of them,” says Greene.

Greene is joined in the search by a Montgomery County football coach, John Pate. The two are members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, and both have been trying to track down the elusive creature for years. In fact, Pate claims to have been searching for Bigfoot as a hobby for the last 15 years. “Some people hit golf balls, I go to the woods,” says Pate. “It is my sanity.”

Not so sure about that word choice.

No air date for the show has been set yet, as the crew also plans to visit areas of Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Washington to follow other Bigfoot enthusiasts. Whether or not they find anything, these characters should make it a pretty interesting show!