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Vegan celebs like Stella McCartney and non-vegans like Sienna Miller are banding together around a new documentary called Pig Business, which has inspired them to call for a ban on factory farmed pork in Europe.

The film takes an in-depth look at factory farmed pork and the often horrendous conditions these animals are kept in (think slatted floors and no bedding).

“This is such an important subject,” McCartney said of the movie. “To be aware is to have individual power. This film gives us the information we need to have to make a change as a consumer, to show government and food manufacturers we deserve better. And so do the pigs giving their lives in such a barbaric way. If we stop the demand they have to stop the cruelty and deceit.”

Pig Business debuted in 2009, but it’s been having a definite impact ever since. And now celebrities like Miller are calling for pork products to be labeled, so that consumers in the UK can know if it was factory farmed.

“Before I started researching the subject, I never truly realized the appalling extent to which pigs— intelligent animals— were treated in certain parts of the world,” Miller stated. “I think we as meat-eaters have a responsibility to treat the animals we farm well, and that’s why I think Pig Business is an extremely important film. It really hammers home the darker side of the global pig farming industry— one that thankfully we don’t see generally here in the UK.”

I think a lot of us would take issue with the idea of eating meat at all, but the fact that this movie so brilliantly illuminates the issue of maltreatment of farm animals is important.

For more information on the film, click here, or watch the trailer below!

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  • Bob

    I understand where they are coming from. But wouldn’t it be better to call for improvements in pork factory farms, rather than calling on them to be banned?
    Prohibition showed that banning doesn’t stop the consumer demand for a product, it just drives the production underground and into the hands of criminals where there are no regulations. That isn’t going to improve the humane treatment of he pigs, it’s going to make it a darn sight worse.