James Cromwell— an actor best known for his role as the farmer in Babe— is narrating a shocking new film called Farm to Fridge.

The movie is the product of national animal advocacy group Mercy For Animals (MFA), an organization notorious for its undercover investigations that expose cruelty to animals. Their latest film takes viewers inside the belly of our nation’s meat, dairy, and egg operations.

The footage is graphic, and not unlike some of the more revealing PETA ads exposing animal cruelty that many of us are familiar with. For example, scenes that are covered in the film include piglets having their testicles ripped out and their tails chopped off without painkillers, male chicks being ground up alive in giant macerators, and fish being skinned and dismembered while still alive… So, in other words, some of the content is extremely disturbing!

Previously Mercy For Animals has teamed up with animal advocate Bob Barker to expose the veal industry. And before that they went undercover to investigate a dairy farm in Ohio, which revealed workers stabbing cows with pitchforks and beating them with crowbars. That particular investigation sparked international outrage and inspired celebs like Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ashton Kutcher, to condemn cruelty to farm animals.

Nathan Runkle, MFA’s Executive Director said of the film, “Farm to Fridge serves as a wake-up call to all American consumers that the meat, dairy and egg industries are morally bankrupt and should be boycotted.”

For more information on the film visit the website here, where you can also view footage from the film (though just a WARNING: it is graphic material!).

  • T

    That video breaks my heart. It doesn’t have to be that way. While most people refuse to adopt a veg lifestyle, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, they can help substantially by buying ethically raised animals and animal products instead. Government needs to step in and get rid of cruel factory farms. Kudos to all of us that are setting an example by going veg or buying ethically raised animals.

  • GoVegan

    There is no such thing as ethically raised or slaughtered “meat”. Free-range and organic have pretty low standards when it comes to non-humans, if any. The organic label has nothing to do with animal welfare/rights and only addresses what they are fed. The free-range label doesn’t actually mean anything real apart from what you make it out to mean. They all take part in the same practices (cutting off chick beaks, killing male chicks (no use if they don’t lay eggs), sending baby male cowa for veal, the list goes on….) AND all animals (free range, organic, or not) end up in the same horrible slaughter houses. All this is documented…just do a google search for abuse in free range and all other farms. Kudos to everyone that recognizes that animals are not objects nor property to kill or use as we please. This is a great page to read up on the issues http://www.govegannow.com it’s run by an animal sanctuary, Peaceful Prairie

    • don miguelo

      Yes I wish I could refute this post but it more true than not. Cage free, free range, all-natural, barn raised, it’s all good sounding PR, not meaningful changes to the agribusiness system (or animals’ treatment). If you are looking for a more neutral website than the one above, check those terms against Wikipedia.

      If you are not going vegan/vegetarian look to local, farm raised smaller scale operations. Don’t trust a product label, just go to that farm and observe how they treat the animals. Better for your own health, never mind theirs.

      Short sum-up: Organic class needs improvement, but it’s a start. Cruelty-free, only trust the right bunny logo. Kosher is not better for the animals, sometimes it is worse.

      We’ll have to see if this video converts or alienates more people.

  • Cynthia

    This video is horrible, but it’s all true. Most people have no idea this goes on in the meat, dairy, and egg industry. Some who do find out could care less and continue to eat meat, dairy and eggs. Others like myself, stop eating ,meat eggs and dairy because of the animal cruelty involved in this industry. I still cry everytime I watch a new undercover investigation video from “Mercy for Animals” The inhumane treatment of these innocent, intelligent creatures is beyond words. I cannot comprehend how a human being can be so heartless, cruel and insensitive to a cage animal, who is sad, lonely, and scared. In their short-loved lives, they will never know a kind word ,a gentle touch, fresh air or sunshine.

    Sad…it’s all about GREED!