by Ali Garfinkel
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The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has launched a campaign called “Not In My Cuppa,” designed to oppose a practice known as ‘battery dairy farming.’ This is in light of the recent proposal from Nocton Dairies for this process to continue for cows in the UK, meaning that thousands of cows would continue to be hoarded into factories instead of letting them roam free in natural pastures.

This is not the first time that Nocton Dairies has tried to do this.

The first attempt was last April, where the proposal met with heavy opposition and was withdrawn.

According to the WSPA, lameness (an extremely painful condition which decreases the efficiency of lactating) is one of the most prominent problems seen in ‘battery farmed’ cows.  The WSPA’s research also shows that an increase of other diseases, including Mastisis (an infection of the udder) are more likely to occur within indoor farming environments. Another issue is that there’s a high risk of diseases like TB or ‘foot and mouth’ quickly spreading, which could lead to other serious conditions.

Many celebrities have already jumped on the cause, including Leona Lewis, Twiggy, and Andrew Sachs, to name a few.

Even though it would require the cows to be indoors all year round, Nocton Dairies founders Peter Willes and David Barnes argue that the super-dairy is “big enough to allow them to invest in modern buildings and round-the-clock veterinary care,” and that they are able to give the cows a better diet than grazing would. A spokesperson for the company has been quoted stating it’s “just another farm.”

Sure, it’s just like a farm, only it’s unnatural and indoors. And cows wouldn’t even need ‘round the clock veterinarian care’ if they weren’t forced to live in such despicable conditions. No thanks, Nocton Dairies, but I think this moovement will prove to be an udder disaster.

Sorry, guess I’m really milking these cow jokes (last one, promise).

But seriously, this needs to stop!

  • Lynn

    I love cow jokes… if only Nocton Dairies was a sick joke.
    It’s important to remember that whilst we’re all looking at the sick dairy in Norfolk the Rothschilds have already got permission for battery cows in Wiltshire!

  • Bruce Scholten

    Nocton Dairies has apparently given up on the Lincolnshire site. But some other corporation will probably make another attempt at battery dairy production in the UK.

    Cows often have shorter lives due to foot, stomach and reproductive problems in such confined animal feeding operations. CAFOs also rob us of the sight of cows on country landscapes. Why not return to pasture?

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Scholten