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Michael Vick may have served his time (and played some pretty good football this year), but many of us have not forgotten the animal torture atrocities Vick committed. The anger might never subside, but non-profit organization Dogs Deserve Better hopes to at least create a silver lining and help everyone move on.

The Pennsylvania-based organization— which opposes the chaining and penning of dogs— has plans to convert Michael Vick’s former home into a dog sanctuary, taking a place haunted by a horrible past and turning it into something good. Additionally, the actual sheds and kennels would be turned into a memorial where “all would be welcome to come and see how they lived and leave prayers and love to all who died here and all who still suffer in dog fighting rings.”

DDB has started a Facebook page called “999,999 Friends for the DBB Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained Dogs” which hopes to raise the $1,000,000 needed for start-up: $600,000 to buy the home and another $400,000 for conversion and setup. DBB has chosen a unique way of motivating people to donate: each $1 donation counts as a “vote,” and earns donors the right to vote for one of two options: buy the Vick property and build the rehab center there, or choose a different location.

There are merits to both sides: on one hand, it might be cathartic for those still enraged over the crimes committed at the house to transform it into something beneficial for other abused dogs, and it could be good publicity for DBB’s cause. On the other hand, it might be in poor taste to take the site of such horrible acts and bring more dogs there, no matter how pure the motives. If anything, the cutesy-ness of changing the name of Vick’s “Bad Newz Kennels” to the “Good Newz Rehab Center” seems a bit inconsiderate.

If you have an opinion in the matter, you can always make a donation yourself, and cast your vote!

  • Franklin

    Inconsiderate!?!?!?! How is setting up a memorial for the dogs murdered by Vick and his friends inconsiderate? I think this is a wonderful way to both honor the dogs killed and help so many others in need. Please, Ecorazzi stop trying to soil a noble cause. Dogs Deserve Better is one of the best dog advocacy groups in the world with extremely passionate and dedicated volunteers. This is a great idea. I will be happy to give what I can to make this rehabilitation come to life so dogs can be saved and avoid euthanization.

  • Shannon

    Thanks Franklin! Most people who don’t know anything about rescue or Dogs Deserve Better use terms like ‘inconsiderate” and “cutesy-ness”. Dogs Deserve Better reps put their lives in danger every day because they are one of only a few groups that goes out into the community, knocks on doors, and tries to educate people. I can assure you that they have knocked on the doors of people much more dangerous than Michael Vick. They do not have a facility so most of their 100+ reps foster the dogs they rescue, some reps have fostered up to 10 dogs at a time, because they have no where else to go. Because of the nature of Dogs Deserve Better most of the dogs they dogs they rescue have a great deal of baggage. Aggression is not only not uncommon but expected. Ecorazzi should focus on the dogs that will be saved by this group if a rehabilitation can be acquired. To split hairs over the name of the center is what is inconsiderate.

  • Kenny

    Bad idea if you ask me. It’s thought to be a ploy by DDB founder Tamira Thayne (Not her real name, changed after getting in trouble with the law) to get others to buy her a fancy house. Regardless of its past. Seems a waste of resources and money. Money and considerations that could be directed at a much more serious dilemma in our society, unwanted pets dying by the thousands every day in kill shelters across America by gassing, heartstick, shooting,and if they’re lucky, injected euthanasia. This group DDB, while well intended is sadly followed by radical militant followers who do go to great lengths including trespass and theft if a dog outside on a lead is found in yards. If you are so inclined to want to help with rescue, please donate to your local shelter, or rescue organization. This is not a good use of your funds.

    • Amy Affrunti

      It saddens me beyond belief to have to ask this question, but Kenny, is there something wrong with you? I mean really. Are you suppose to be on medication or have you had a traumatic brain injury? The only other single reason I can come up with for you trying to give people the impression Tamira is nothing but a common criminal would be that you’re illiterate. I, as well as others, have poured over pages and pages of testimony, court records, news reports and it could not be more clear that Tamira was saving a life, not out on a crime spree. I actually have a few other things to say to you, but I’m so disgusted that I’m not even going to continue to get upset over people with your amount of ignorance.

      • Kenny

        You and your response is pretty typical of the militant whackjobs that follow Tamira Thayne and her DDB. Nothing but a bunch of ignorant sheep of base intelligence, rushing to squash anybody who has a differing opinion. I lost a lot of respect for DDB when I watched in real time on their site the harassment of a young mother who put the family Rotti out in the yard to do its business on a long lead. A neighbor with an ax to grind reported her to DDB and staged phony pictures to get folks upset enough to react. Some were screaming for “Mr. Boltcutter” to pay a visit and steal the dog to place it in a better home. Others demanded the poor girl be beaten. The girl went to court and won judgments against the neighbor. But only after she had to flee her home with her 4 yo son and dog to a safer home. I’ve been involved in dog rescue for years and DDB is the worst of rescue I’ve seen.

      • herwin

        thanks for the information, Kenny.
        when i saw this post, even before anybody commented on it, i did find it strange and unlogical to buy a mansion and “turn it into a rehab center”.
        A mansion makes an excellent rehab center for humans but for dogs…?
        It only makes sense to me if the whole idea is just a publicity stunt for raising donations which in turn will be used for other purposes which most likely will be unaccounted for.
        Advice of the day, if ya wanna donate, do it to some org you know and who’s been visibly around for a time. Anyway, thanks again and i hope you are still involved in dog rescue.

  • Kat

    I am all for it!! What a wonderful idea to turn such a bad place into a beautiful place with a higher purpose!!!

  • David

    For $1,000,000 wouldn’t it be better to build a purpose designed facility rather than try and modify the mansion?

  • MyKinKStar

    It’s a great idea! Dogs Deserve Better!

  • Kenny

    Be careful David. I got my butt jumped on by these delusional militants when I called it a mansion. I was rudely informed it just a 5 bedroom home. Right, but a 4800sq ft home. I really wish somebody with the money would buy the place and bulldoze it. Put football fields up on it and teach the sport to disadvantaged kids so maybe they wont grow up and have to resort to breeding and fighting Pit bulls.

  • herwin

    how can you modify a mansion (?) and make it suitable for dogs ?
    put the dogs in the sleeping rooms ?

    i think its a publicity stunt, a fundraiser riding the publicity waves, and “most likely” the project will be terminated after enough money has been collected.

  • Brian

    I run a refuge in Argentina and think changing a place from torture to sanctuary is a great idea and people like Kenny just like to mouth off against those actually DOING something to help the animals.

    Don’t worry DDB, the internet is full of idiots like Kenny, we have them here too.

    • Kenny

      Your sentiments are wonderful, warm and fuzzy. But in the real world this plan is poorly thought out, and misguided. This is a property that has been on the market for possibly over two years with no interest at $590.000.00. Seems a vast majority of investors want nothing to do with it at that price. Why then is DDB paying $600.00.00 for it? Like mass murderer John Wayne Gacy’s house, it should be torn down and turned into a dog park.Tamira Thayne and her feel good followers show they are poor stewards of other people’s money and it should come as no surprise when funds after the sale are mismanaged. Do you all remember Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and their scam they ran for Heritage USA. Google it.

  • Maura O’Donoghue

    wouldn’t it be cheaper if they used their money to create a rescue centre on other land…maybe cheaper, a place where they can build proper facilities not waste money converting it. Waste of money…buy land and do good on it.

  • MikeB

    While I like the idea of establishing a pressence in a part of the country that seems to condone Mike Vick’s activities, I’m not so sure DDB is getting the right “bang for the buck” to convert this house to a sanctuary.

    Sure, the symbolism of all that has occurred and its transformation is a compelling story. No doubt about that. I don’t have any concerns regarding the DDB’s desire to do good either.

    What I do know, is that it is all about saving animals first, and PR/sending symbolic messages 2nd. I’m thinking $1,000,000.00 goes a long way in that part of VA.

    If it were me, I would generate a hypothetical business plan that shocases how DDB manages the donations now, so people understand the decision making tree for expenses in the organization (Sure its no big deal to ask for/donate $1 each, but a million is a million if it comes from 1 person or 1 million). DDB will be able to raise more in the long run, if best practices for donations are transparent to all. Any plan a new facility should include line items for educating the community to DDB’s mission in the following manner:
    -Establish parterships with local rescue
    -Collaboration efforts with local Animal welfare/control
    -Schools & youth programs in a way that motivates the community to percieve the DDB facility/movement/volunteers as a valuable addition to the community.

    Thumbing your nose at Mike Vick in that part of the country will not endear you to folks who live there. It will polarize and make even more work for the rescue community. Bulldozing your way in is not the way to accomplish the mission. Again, it’s not that I don’t like the idea…….. Would love to rub it in Vick’s face, but overspending and under communicating plans/activities allows folks to paint rescue groups like DDB who desire a national pressence in a negative light.

    Mike Vick is not the mission. he will never be the pariah you desire him to be in that part of the country. Saving animals and reducing the neglect/abuse is the mission. Good luck DDB. I wish you much success with working through this project.