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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re proud to offer three copies of Eco-Sex: The Book from author Stefanie Iris Weiss. If you’ve ever wanted to heat up the action between the sheets in a more, ahem, earth-friendly manner, Weiss’ book is the perfect guide for getting there. From the jacket:

“Renew your passion for the environment while you recharge your love life—with green sex toys, low-impact lingerie, fair-trade condoms, bamboo bed linens, conflict-free diamonds, and much more. Eco-Sex will help you avoid the sins of green-washing while you probe the deeper underpinnings of healthy, chemical-free sex.”

Want one? Hit the jump below to learn how to enter — and keep the mood lighting and Barry Manilow on standby…

How To Enter Via Twitter:

1.) Join Twitter (if you haven’t already).
2.) Follow @ecorazzi on Twitter.
3.) At 3pm tomorrow (02/10) EST, we’ll send out a contest message. All you have to do is re-tweet that contest message and add it to your updates. (Limit 5 RTs per user.)

So if we say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @ecosexuality and RT this to win: We’re giving away two of Eco-Sex: The Book! 40th and 80th RTs WIN!”

You’ll say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @ecosexuality and RT this to win: We’re giving away two of Eco-Sex: The Book! 40th and 80th RTs WIN!”

(Note: exact wording may differ at contest time. And it may be in another language. Or backwards. We advise having a mirror nearby just in case.)

4.) We will contact the winners via Twitter. Upon receipt, winners must Direct Message us within 24 hours with mailing address, phone,  and email for shipping of the prize.

How To Enter Via Ecorazzi:

There are two ways to enter to win on You may enter one time for each type.

  1. Simply leave a comment below telling us why you’d love to win this product.
  2. Sign up for our fabulous weekly email newsletter: The Dirt.

Comments received through Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 11:59PM EST are eligible. Valid email address required. We will contact the winner via email. Winners must reply within 24 hours with their mailing address, phone, and email for shipping of the prize.

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  • Niamh Dhabolt

    Why would I want this book? Well, because my husband and I are eco-friendly and we have sex, of course!

  • Jeannine m

    I am trying to be more eco-freindly and would love to learn how to be eco sex friendly

  • MelissaG

    I’d love to win this book because I “go green” in every other aspect of my life, so why not with sex too?! Would love to see what kind of ideas the authors have to share. Sounds like a very interesting book!

  • MelissaG

    Also, I’m signed up for “The Dirt.”

  • Robyn Ely

    I am signing up for “The Dirt”
    Eco sex …yeah ! My New Years Resolution was all for Green & Eco.
    So honey, were on for this too !