by Michael dEstries
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During an earnings conference call today, Discovery CEO David Zaslav gave a bit more weight to whispers that the Planet Green channel may soon receive a makeover.

“We think we can probably do something else with that that would be more meaningful,” Zaslav said, adding that the channel’s more than 60 million households represents “prime real estate”.

Zaslav didn’t hint at what that “more meaningful” direction might be (nor when it will happen), but it’s clear that Discovery is not happy with how the channel has been performing.

Should things fold, $10 says “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” land on OWN — and don’t tell me they wouldn’t be thrilled.

Stay tuned.

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  • Jeff Kart


    stop it with the rumor churn. planet green is not going away. it’s just rebranding. take a look at the recent online content. see a theme coming on?

  • http://http// GreenerGreener

    Planet Green has been going downhill for a while now. Look at what they have on now: Conviction Kitchen, Lobstermen, UFOs over Earth???

    They gave up on a green themed network almost from the beginning. They had some cool shows but now it’s like an outlet network for marginal Discovery Channel shows.

    • Remy Chevalier

      Hear, hear… I can’t imagine they could have blown it that badly without it being intentional from the get go. No matter what people who knew their business tried to do to help them, it was a deaf ear… Then some wacko kid committed suicide by cop on their doorstep because they did to him what they did to everyone else. Ignored him. Zaslav is a shill for corporate thugs who wanted to monopolize and sink the green movement. They failed because we saw Discovery Communications coming and we didn’t put all our eggs in their basket. The only one who got rich on the deal is Graham Hill, and he sank his own ship to do it. What I would worry about is the future of Treehugger, because without Planet Green, Discovery has no use for it. Treehugger we can’t lose, it’s too valuable. But a Treehugger free of Discovery ties, would be ten times more powerful.

  • herwin

    Mr Zaslav, if u r reading this, i got a (not free but you pay when you use) tip for you . make a reality program about the PETA boys and girls. Fluffy human interaction at the PETA office, photo shoots of celebs who join a campaign, and the occasional protest which spells a-c-t-i-o-n all the way ! A garanteed hit, mr Zaslav !!

    • BanTheFurTrade

      Now that’s an interesting idea! Not sure if it would get them more supporters, but it could at least clear up a lot of misconceptions the public has about them.