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Daily Show correspondent and Perfect Couples star Olivia Munn has a few ideas for how to treat your lady to a romantic Valentine’s Day. In an interview with PETA, Munn said that a romantic thing to do would be to “grab a big pizza, a couple bottles of wine, and hang out in a hotel room with a big fireplace and just talk and laugh.” Low-key? Check. Low-maintenance? Double-check. Pizza? Heck yes, check. You can even make it vegan if you want.

Munn has a warning to anyone comin’ a-courtin’ with ideas of a carriage ride around Central Park, though: “The least romantic thing to do in New York or any other city is going on horse-drawn carriage rides. … [I]f you knew the pain and misery these beautiful animals endure just to fulfill the false symbol of uniting two hearts, it would actually break your heart. To see the horses in the harsh, cold weather being forced to cart people around the city is the farthest thing from romantic in my opinion.” We hear that, Olivia!

Munn’s commitment to defending animal rights is well-known by now: she has posed for PETA in the past to protest circuses, and recently co-hosted a PETA-endorsed New York Fashion Week event with Project Runway star Tim Gunn to persuade designers to stop using fur. The event, which also featured Taraji P. Henson, was a big success and earns extra awesome-points for having co-hosts with rhyming names. Anyone else think that Olivia Munn and Tim Gunn should have their own animal-friendly eco-activist reality show called “Munnin’ and Gunnin'”?

If you haven’t heard of Munn yet, you will soon: in the past year, her stardom has skyrocketed from her beginnings as co-host of the G4 channel’s Attack of the Show to regular appearances as a correspondent on The Daily Show and a starring role in the new NBC sitcom Perfect Couples, in which Munn and the rest of the cast are really quite hilarious. If that’s not enough proof for you, we can put it in “Maxim Hot 100” terms: Munn jumped from #96 to #8 between 2009 and 2010.

We’re looking forward to seeing more great work with PETA from Munn. And remember, guys: no horses!

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