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For a lot of people, part of the fun of going to a sporting event is the food. For me, I love getting soft pretzels (I mean, come on, they’re fantastic!), but for some that means hot dogs and burgers.

As some of you may already know, meat is harder for our bodies to digest, not to mention that it’s just plain cruel to animals. This seems to be the logic behind a recent move by a UK soccer team that banned the sale of burgers, sausages and meat pies at their stadium.

The Forest Green Rovers previously banned their soccer players and staff from consuming meat products, but now they’re extending it to their fans. Dale Vince, who is the owner of the team and a green electricity supplier company called ‘Ecotricity,’ said, “If red meat was not good enough to feed our players, then it wasn’t good enough for our staff, fans and visitors too.”

What a smart move!

  • Hart Noecker

    About time the world of sports started getting serious about health and ecological conservation.

  • JP

    If you read the other sources you would find that chicken and fish would continue to be sold. Good for him save cows and kill more chicken and fishes!!!!

    • herwin

      you are right. but still it’s mind blowing that the sale of meat (except fish and chicken) is prohibited in this stadium. I think it still is very positive because each weekend thousands of visitors to the game will be made to think about their own meat consumption. And this is just the first step, so lets stay positive i would say.

  • LittleMe

    Yeah, never mind the other animals. Hardly a positive step. I stupidly thought that there’d only be veggie options when I saw the article. If only…

  • mister jingles

    a little step for humanity but which nevertheless makes my day!

  • JP

    Is really this great???? What if someone prohibited the sell of vegies, an only-meat stadium??? You should not try to push people towards your own ideas that only creates more dislike for your cause.