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For those of us who have pets, it’s easy to take a holiday like Valentine’s Day and make it not just special for you significant other, but for your furry friend as well.

Sometimes though, the best parts of Valentine’s Day (like vegan chocolate and organic wine, for example), are the worst parts for your pets. Luckily, the ASPCA has compiled a list of surefire ways to make it a good time for all parties involved.

Pet-Safe Bouquets
This is a big one, especially when your sweetie comes to the door with a fresh bouquet of lilies. But did you know that the beautiful arrangement may be fatal to your pet? All species of lily are deadly to cats, so if your loved one has a pet, make sure to nix that in the floral arrangement. The ASPCA has an online toxic and nontoxic plant library to serve as a visual guide of what should or should not be included in your Valentine’s bouquets, how cool!

Forbidden Chocolate
Every good pet owner knows that if your fluffy bundle of joy gets a hold of chocolate (including baker’s, semi sweet, milk and dark) it will affect your pet’s gastrointestinal, neurologic and cardiac function. So, go ahead and gobble down one of Alicia Silverstone‘s favorite vegan chocolates, just don’t leave any out for the puppies to finish off!

Careful with Cocktails
One of the hidden dangers of a romantic evening can be accidentally leaving behind a glass of wine or some leftover champagne. If curious pets get a hold of the stuff and lap even a little bit of it up, the alcohol can do a lot of harm and cause vomiting, diarrhea, lack of coordination, central nervous system depression, tremors, difficulty breathing, metabolic disturbances and even a coma in severe situations. Yikes! So, as you drink that nice glass of organic Merlot while eating one of our Top 10 Vegan Valentine’s recipes, just be sure to toss the last few sips down the drain.

The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is to show someone that you care about them. So, this holiday give some love to your pet and check out more ASPCA tips on how to have a purrfect day with your pet!

  • Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils )

    That’s useful to know. Sometimes people just have stuff around their homes and have no idea that it is potentially harmful to their pets. Thanks for sharing!