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Kristin Bauer, Moby, Advocate For Animal Rights And Vegan Diets With PCRM LF

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On Saturday celebs like True Blood star Kristin Bauer, Moby, Oprah chef Tal Ronnen, Elizabeth Kucinich, and Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman, gathered at an exclusive celebrity benefit for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Legislative Fund (PCRM LF). Oh, and guess what? We were there too to bring you the insider deets of the night!

The organization is an offset of the partner group PCRM, which has famous celeb advocates like Alicia Silverstone and Alec Baldwin. But PCRM LF aims to raise awareness for preventative medicine and ethical research, including eliminating testing done on animals (they were a huge part of the reason why NASA’s testing on squirrel monkeys was brought to a halt) and promoting healthy eating habits as a means of preventing later diseases (their group helped to reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act).

In an exclusive interview with Ecorazzi, PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D. said of the organization, “Nutrition is the biggest issue in relation to prevention, so PCRM has been promoting vegetarian and vegan diets ever since day one.” The author of Breaking the Food Seduction added, “We now do a lot of research studies as well, to look at new ground on what can make a difference. We’re busy on Capitol Hill because the government is not always as helpful as it needs to be when it comes to nutrition policy.”

And Elizabeth Kucinich, a woman who knows a lot about politics and serves as the director of government and public affairs at PCRM, told Ecorazzi, “I want to really show people that when we step up to even some of the biggest lobbies to advocate what we really believe in, things can change.” The wife of U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich explained, “I can go off to Capitol Hill with my small team and I can work as hard as I can to make things happen, and I can be effective to do that, but I can be really effective when a whole group of people do the same up and down the country.”

So, just how can you get involved? Elizabeth provided some options, “Contact your members of congress, sing to the same song sheet, advocate legislation, ask members of congress to sign on, that’s what makes the difference.” And in terms of how you can help PCRM LF, Elizabeth said, “Because PCRM and the Legislative Fund is a new organization, we don’t have the budget of the larger sister organization PCRM, and the charity laws are different, where PCRM can’t contribute to PCRM LF, so we need the support because we can be effective.”

Essentially, if you want to rally behind people who are advocating for animal rights and anti-animal testing in laboratories, this is the group to support. And if you like kids (and really, who doesn’t?) then help PCRM LF raise the funds necessary to champion preventative nutrition guidelines. You can check out their website here, and even follow them on Twitter @PCRMLF

Oh, and PS— if you want some specifics about the actual event, it was hosted in a beautiful home in Beverly Hills, vegan nibbles like animal-free sushi and vegan peanut butter cupcakes (so yummy!) were served, and Moby sang to an intimate crowd later in the evening. In other words, a great way to raise funds and Ecorazzi approved!

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