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According to the SPCA of Central Florida, about 39,000 homeless animals are impounded at local shelters each year, and in that area alone about 25% of the dogs and cats are never adopted. That is simply not okay!

In an effort to change this, SeaWorld has teamed up with the SPCA of Central Florida and Orange County Animal Services to launch “SeaWorld’s Happy Tails,” a new program that offers free admission to the park when you adopt an animal from a shelter.

Julie Scardina, SeaWorld’s National Animal Ambassador, told Central Florida News, “SeaWorld is going to be, basically, thanking people for adopting. If we can get people to think twice about buying or breeding and instead come here and get one of these little guys that actually are already looking for a good home, then that’s a great thing to be able to do.”

Granted, not just us but celebs like Tommy Lee, Eli Roth and Hayden Panettiere straight up don’t like the place. And when PETA got wind of this recent development, they called SeaWorld a “prison” for animals. I guess being confined to a small tank and being told what to do at specific hours of the day (i.e. their performance shows) would feel very prison-esque, no?

The overcrowding of animal shelters is a problem, and we would like for nothing more than to see the dogs and cats of the world find loving homes… But this is a tough one.

What do you all think about this?

Check out a promo video for “SeaWorld’s Happy Tails” below.

  • Sarah Marie

    In all fairness SeaWorld has hosted a show called “Pet’s Ahoy” at the Orlando park for several years now that showcases domesticated animals that are in most cases shelter rescues. This is a performance and people have their many opinions about the ethics of training and performance, but the main thrust of the show is not only to appreciate the intelligence and capacity of all animals but to also highlight the situation with shelter animals. The performers ask a few times that people think adoption first instead of buying/breeding and while it’s a “warm and fuzzy” note, it’s still a message that reaches millions every year through the show. This “campaign” they’re running now with the added benefit of tickets doesn’t really sit right.. I agree.. but it is a natural addition considering they have been propounding adoption with the Pets Ahoy show for quite some time.

  • AnimuX

    F***ing Greenwashing.

    Whenever SeaWorld starts some new faux ‘we love animals’ campaign to spruce up its image, people should immediately ask themselves if the deaths of dozens of Orcas and many more dolphins (not to mention other marine mammals) in SeaWorld facilities are all “OK” as long as SeaWorld skimps a little extra cash off the top of its circus profits for some ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings.

  • AnimuX

    Is it OK if I torture a few elephants to death for profitable sport as long as I donate a tiny fraction of the proceeds to the SPCA?

    • Annelise

      Sea World is about to get pummeled in the Dawn Brancheau law suit by OSHA amongst many others directly related to the incident that caused her death. They are also having financial difficulties. How will they defend themselves against the OSHA, the Brancheau family? Easy as it turns out. Anyone remember the OJ Simpson trial and the time honored strategy that was used there? It’s called TRASH THE VICTIM. They will turn on Dawn like a two bit Judas. By the end of the trial she will be the villain. The powerful orca who outweighed her by about three tons will look as harmless as a bowl of jelly beans compared to Dawn Brancheau. The real truth is that they’re BOTH victims of Sea World’s never ending greed. They don’t care about the trainer who they employed for ten years. The same trainer who gave her heart, soul and ultimately her very life for their organization. They want these trials which WE are paying for and have every right to watch; sealed for public viewing.

      They are PETRIFIED that we the general public will discover that they have been cited for recklessly exposing their employees to danger. That the mighty dollar was more important than keeping their employees safe. If SW succeeds and the trials occur behind closed doors outside of public scrutiny; they will be free to blame Dawn a dead woman for these events. To publicly blame her would damage the reputation and revenue amounts they are trying to protect. There is no rationale behind this except for Sea World’s own reputation. You can do something by going to ; to- have – closed – hearings Please sign the petition; it’s purpose is in the title.

      Despite of the position of the marine animal park industry; public knowledge of what actualy goes down back stage will be a devastating blow. Looks like the American public is wising up to the fact that marine animals should be left alone in the ocean. They do not belong in small tanks, venues etc… SW is desperate to fill their seats with suckers like “ignorant public” that want to see circus tricks done by all the magnificent creatures they exploit.

      I think the SPCA adoption association is a terrific idea. I urge you all to adopt from this program. However when you get that free ticket; rip it up and trash it. Remember they”re USING the ASPCA as a pretext to get you the public to spend your hard earned dollars in their parks. They’re counting on you to contribute to their bottom line by buying companion tickets for the rest of the family once you’ve got one FREE ticket.

      Sea World exploits, tortures, enslaves and ultimately with all their “top notch” animal husbandry KILLS those very animals you are paying to see. Check the facts on the ORCA PROJECT web site for one; a full 3/4 of their orcas have died much earlier than they would have in the wild. That’s a whole lot of orcas folks. And that’s a whole lot of blood on their hands. Think about it. How would you like to spend most of your lives in a bathroom with six other people? That’s what Orcas and others are forced to do 365 days a year. And being sentient creatures, they’re thinking about it too. The faact that Tilikum grabbed his trainer’s arm and dragged her into the water ultimately ending her life had nothing to do with any pony tail. They proof is in the pudding and its all there on SW’s own video cameras.

  • Annelise