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Yesterday we told you that Japan suspended its whaling operations in the Southern Ocean, and on last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert opened his monologue by saying that the world of whale hunting had some big news…

“I’ve been tracking this news for years,” he said, “perhaps to the point of madness!”

He went on to say, “I’ve always said we must save the whales, they are rare, beautiful creatures that should be served only on special occasions. But starting today, folks, whale might be a no time food.”

The funnyman explained, “The Japanese don’t kill whales for fun, they do it for research purposes, without this research how will Japanese scientists know what teriyaki blowhole tastes like?”

Then Paul Watson and his group, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, got a shout out. “Why are the Japanese abandoning their tradition and their science? Because of anti-whaling organization the Sea Shepherds, featured on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars, and captained by eco-warrior Paul Watson.”

Colbert then gave some background for his viewers, and brought up the fact that Watson is so extreme in his beliefs that he got kicked out of Greenpeace. “That’s like being kicked out of Charlie Sheen’s house for too much cocaine,” he responded.

The segment ended with Colbert saying, “So, congratulations environmentalists, now the whales have won!”

Check out the funny clip below.

  • Michael Raymer

    Now it’s time for those insufferable know-it-alls at South Park to step up and give credit where it is due.

    Congrats to SSCS for issuing the whalers an ass-kicking of biblical proportions. (Hmmm…that sounds familiar)

  • 4thewhales


    Love it!!!
    Such great news for the whales!

  • Imforthewhales

    Whales 1 Pro-whaling losers 0

    Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys.

    It’s been …emotional.

  • Mkay

    Congratulations to Sea Shepherd , this is tremendous news and I am ecstatic to be a supporter and to all you pro whaler types “YOU LOSE” and Iceland and the Faeroe Islands you are next on the check off list.

  • herwin

    and thanks to Bob Barker and other generous people who made it possible that SSCS could buy extra boats.

    • don miguelo

      Yes, like I argued before last year: lose a boat, save some whales, that’s a trade well worth it. Some people didn’t see it that way but I think this event should change their tune. …Well, probably not, but here’s to hoping!

      This can’t help but remind me of when the Ady Gil was sunk and the rejoicing of the pro-whalers on these posts was in full swing, now that the situation is reversed will we be “bad winners” too?

  • georgina


    And yes, great job Sea Shepherds, your tireless work for the whales is paying off. The entire world can see that, nobody can deny it. Nobody.

    Hats off to Admiral Watson and the rest of his crew. Cheers!

  • Whoever…

    Indeed, they deserve to be congratulated because they were able to defeat the Japanese whaling industry… for now, but I believe they’ll end it forever

    • boo radley

      Yes they will end it…it is just a matter of time…but the Japanese are coming back it seems. They should just surrender and be done with it, but as we all know, the Japanese can be hard nuts to crack and don’t take defeat lying down. Another spanking is in order, and I know just the right people do give them one.

  • boo radley

    Now where has Mick gone to?

    Romika3, don’t you want to offer your congratulations to the wonderful Sea Shepherd?



    Commodore Tony? Any rounds of applause from you? What about those Girly men Tony! They did good huh? Yes !!! Rrrrreeeeaaaaallllly!

    david@tokyo? Are you choking on your blubber right now?


    Where have all the trolls gone to I wonder? They sure have gone quiet.

    Don’t tell me they have gone all huffy and are sulking in their dens!