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Photo: Mikael Buck/Solent News

This is one of the sadder/cuter stories I’ve ever read. A stray cat named ‘Charlie’ has been unable to find a new home because he looks too much like Harry Potter’s evil arch-nemesis, Lord Voldemort.

The 14-year-old domestic short-hair has been taken in by workers at the Blue Cross animal charity, but they say he has yet to be adopted because visitors are scared off by his resemblance to Ralph Fiennes‘ character.

Part of the reason why Charlie looks the way he does is because he had to have his ears and nose removed after suffering from skin cancer (poor baby!!), and vets say that his pale skin put him at risk for the disease.

Staff at the animal shelter say he loves to cuddle and be tickled, and he can hear and smell perfectly well despite his surgeries. They think his perfect home might be with some Harry Potter film buffs who want a little Voldemort of their own!
Marie Loveridge, an animal welfare assistant, said, “At first glance, people may be put off by Charlie because he does look like Voldemort, the baddie from the Harry Potter films. But although some people might think he’s a bit quirky-looking after having his ears and nose removed, he is a lovely, playful cat who adores attention.”

She then added, “He would make the perfect pet for the right family... He has a dear little voice and likes to meow squeakily to get your attention.”

Charlie sounds purrfect!! We hope he finds the right family for the job— whether it be a Gryffindor or Slytherin house! If you or anyone you know would like to adopt this “evil” little bundle of joy, visit to donate and get more information.

Via Daily Mail

UPDATE: Charlie has found a loving home!! We couldn’t be happier!

  • bitt

    still way cute than voldemort!

  • Sonia

    That’s the most ridiculous reason not to adopt an animal. He’s freakin adorable!

  • Karina

    He’s so cute! Anybody who doesn’t adopt an animal because of their resemblance to a fictional character is an idiot. Charlie is adorable.

  • Michael Raymer

    I would have adopted him. I would have named him “Riddle”.

  • georgina

    Only an incredibly superficial person looking to adopt a cat would not adopt Charlie based on his looks or the fact that he may look like someone from the LOTR.

  • LittleMe

    He’s adorable, despite his unusual appearance. I’d happily have offered him a home if I could (but then I’d gladly take in just about every stray animal if I didn’t live a one bedroom apartment, which I already share with a dog). I hope he gets the love and care he deserves.