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Adorable video just emerged of a 3-month-old gorilla named “Tiny” taking its first wobbly steps. The baby gorilla resides at the London Zoo, and was the first gorilla to be born there in 20 years (born in October).

Every gorilla birth is important, as the animals are a threatened species. And even though they named the baby Tiny, it won’t be that way for much longer; the gorilla is already a foot tall!

Watch as Tiny takes its first steps with its 12-year-old mother watching, it is so sweet!


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  • Janine

    So cute! But sad that he will never know the joys of being free. Oh BTW what’s up with calling him “it?” Not sure if “it’s” a boy or girl? :)

  • Rebecca

    I’m of Italian descent,and I SWEAR I fear if/when I have a child it will bear a striking resemblance to this primate!! lol

  • mister jingles

    amazing little creature!

  • Karina

    Completely agree with you, Janine. If a website is going to promote veganism, then the website should stop doing one of the most speciesist things possible: calling other living beings “it”.

  • herwin

    to see a young baby chimpansee in a zoo is pretty sad to me . It will have to spend its entire life in a small enclosure and being stared at 7 days a week by obnoxious people.

    • BenCat1000

      HE will have to spend HIS entire life………….