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While Japan said earlier in the week that they were “suspending” whaling operations in the Southern Ocean, it’s now official that they’ve throw in the towel on this year’s hunt. Naturally, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is thrilled – declaring February 17th as “Victory in the Southern Ocean Day”.

“The Nisshin Maru made a significant course change immediately after the Japanese government made it official that the whaling fleet has been recalled,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen from the Bob Barker. “She looks like she’s going home!”

Japan’s Fisheries Minister, Michihiko Kano clearly regretted the decision to end the season early, but left the door open on the fleet returning yet again next year. “It’s becoming difficult to secure the safety of the fleet,” he said. “From the point of view of securing the safety of the lives, properties and research vessels, we have no choice but to bring the research to an end. It’s regrettable that we received such obstruction. We need to do it in a way which we won’t be obstructed from now on.”

Japan’s top government spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano added, “We will work out definite measures to ensure we can continue research whaling without giving in to sabotage.”

In terms of the whales, estimates from the Sea Shepherd indicate that Japan was able to fulfill perhaps 10% of their kill quota.

“We think they’ve only managed to kill between 30 and 100 whales so out of a quota of 985 I think we’ve saved about 90 per cent of the whales or even more and that’s pretty good,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen.

The Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, and Gojira will remain in the Southern Ocean to escort the Japanese ships northward. “We will not leave the whale sanctuary until the last whaling ship has departed,” said Gojira captain Locky MacLean.

So obviously, Japan is once again embarrassed by the SSCS — definitely more so this year than previous. Already the calls have gone out to ambassadors from Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands to stop allowing the org to register ships under their flags; a cry we’ve all heard before and will likely fall on deaf ears.

The real question is, could Japan be scorned enough to seriously follow through on talk to find real ways to stop Sea Shepherd? They beat the same drum last year after not meeting their quota, so there’s little precedent to expect change. And with the SSCS fully planning on adding another vessel to their fleet for next year’s campaign, Japan would have to spend some serious cash to curtail harassment in an effort to meet quotas. All this from an industry with surplus stock, little demand for its product, and heavily dependent on tax breaks and government support to keep it afloat.

I’m not saying the fat lady should start singing on Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean, but perhaps the Sea Shepherd should name next year’s campaign “Operation Swan Song” just in case.

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  • Arnie

    I tortured and killed over 1000 puppies and kittens this season because of the actions of Sea Shepherd against the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. I hope Bob Barker and all the other SS enablers feel it was worth it.

    • crumpets are yummy

      This is what we are dealing with folks, morons such as the one above.

      • herwin

        it takes one to recognise one, i guess…

      • herwin

        and i have noticed you regularly speak of “we” in your post, instead of “i”.
        Enlighten me and tell who is “we”.

      • Michael Raymer

        I have no problem being included in “we”.

        “We” are the ones who remained loyal. “We” are the ones who didn’t nitpick and whine about tactics that work. “We” didn’t play follow the leader with the latest crop of pansies who would rather see whales die because they have some minor problems with Paul Watson. “We” are the ones who recognize an ally when we see one, instead of hysterically attacking everyone who has a difference of opinion on non-relevant side issues.

        To make it abundantly clear, herwin, “we” are the ones who can celebrate today. You can’t.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Herwin…one cannot compete with a poor education…”we” as in ‘folks’ (plural).

        Arnie was not addressing anyone personally either.

        It was just another stupid troll statement cast to the wind fr all to peruse….hhhhhhhmmmmmm…..

      • boo radley

        Herwin, what is your problem?

        This is a time for celebration not for silly inflammatory comments…geeze.

        The whales have been saved! We beat the ICR trolls!

        Those connoisseurs of whale meat, David@tokyo and Ginza Glenn can kiss my ass!


      • herwin

        @ Michael.
        well, congratulations, old chap ! You can go to your local steakhouse and celebrate !

      • herwin

        @ Boo.
        it was Paul Watson and the volunteers who did beat the whalers. respect !
        all you and the rest of the gang did was beat the trolls in a name calling game. Michael’s post was even removed by Ecorazzi because he became too emotional and abusive.

      • Michael Raymer

        Actually, it’s my favorite Chinese restaurant that I’ve been going too. They don’t have “wild chicken” on the menu yet, but I’ll keep bugging the manager.

      • boo radley

        ‘all you and the rest of the gang did was beat the trolls in a name calling game. ‘

        Whats wrong with that? We won didn’t we?

        Stop sucking on lemons & being so it up a little. !

    • don miguelo

      Oh look, it’s the “hum of insignificance in the background of our campaigns” Paul was talking about right here!

      Happy VSO day to you then as well, Michael Vick– I mean, Arnie.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Herwin the hummer…hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • crumpets are yummy

    The Japanese have proven to be as tough as old steak and hard to remove from ones teeth. They will now ring up everyone they know and complain about Sea Shepherd conservation Society and their smelly butter. No doubt they are already hatching plans to come back next season to hunt whales for their dinner tables.

    Perhaps Sea Shepherd meeds a couple more ships next year to take them on as the Japanese may well plan on trying to send down a few Japanese military and try to shoot some of the SSCS crew again.

    In the meantime, there are 800 whales swimming around Antarctica that would otherwise have died a horrible death at the hands of the illegal Japanese whalers, thanks to Sea Shepherd and her crews & supporters the world over.

    Time for rejoicing.

    Happy VSO day everyone.

    • boo radley

      Happy VSO day everyone.

  • donator

    Congrats SSCS! This a big day — savor it.

  • Whoever…


    Change is coming and either we fight for what is right or we will all lose!

    Revolution comes before Evolution…

    One battle won… so many more to win. But if we all fight together we shall prevail :)

    Congratulations SS :)

  • boo radley

    Gee those trolls shut up shop quickly didn’t they…( ???)

    They must be totally humiliated and have gone back to their caves to sup the rice wine.

    Kudos to Sea Shepherd, great work.

    • sidewinder

      A Great day for all conservationalists worldwide!!!

      Hopefully this is a permanent end to Scientific Whaling as such…(JARPAII) at least. I am concerned they may continue the butchery in JARPNII though…

      Some interesting info on possible directions Japan may take (Yomiuri online):

      According to ministry officials, however, discussions have already begun behind the scenes about ending Japan’s Antarctic whaling.

      Speaking on condition of anonymity, one high-ranking ministry official said five alternative scenarios have so far been studied:

      — Have the whaling fleet escorted by Japan Coast Guard vessels or others.

      — Build new whaling vessels capable of traveling at high speed.

      — Replace research whaling with commercial whaling.

      — Continue with the current whaling arrangements.

      — End whaling in the Antarctic Ocean.

      Let’s hope for the last one and ultimately ALL Scientific whaling and Taiji etc. etc.

  • Mick

    “a cry we’ve all heard before and will likely fall on deaf ears.”

    Unfortunately, that would appear to be true. The Netherlands and Australia has made it pretty clear that they support terrorism, regardless of their statements otherwise.

    terrorism n
    1. systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal

    World English Dictionary

    SS’s actions are just that: Terrorism. If you support or condone SS then you are supporting and condoning terrorism. Pure and simple. It doesn’t matter what form the violence takes. It’s STILL violence and it’s STILL terrorism, period.
    Not to mention the fact that SS, who claims to be “saving” the oceans, is and has been polluting the SO with beer bottles, flares, smoke bombs and plastic paintballs. They have also been throwing chemicals such as paint and butryic acid into the ocean, as well. Every year SS has been contributing to ocean pollution. Something they claim to be against.

    • whiplash

      Oh Mick,

      That is a pretty desperate attempt there pal to do what exactly? Who knows….straight out of the Pro-whaling propaganda booklet.

      Terrorism? LOL

      Go find something else more useful to do.

      • Mick

        whiplash, I’m just raising awareness to the fact that the World English Dictionary’s definition of terrorism fits SS’s actions and that SS is polluting the oceans they claim to care about. If these facts bother you; then you should direct your criticism to SS.

      • vince

        Thanks Mick, I guess I’m a terrorist too since I treat my staff like that sometimes and also the cockroaches in my house.

        I’m just raising awareness that your comment was pretty shallow and pointless.

        Re: Pollution, you really are scraping the barrel if you are nit picking about that. All shipping activites result in some degree of marine pollution – Whalers included.

      • boo radley

        Good to see ya go down fighting Mick.

      • boo radley

        Mick, would you call your local police force terrorists?

        What about your local school teachers dealing with the bad boys?

        Parking officers?

        Canadian sealers?

        Prison officers?

        Your parents?

      • abacus

        Thought so Mick, as you have conveniently departed when you have NOTHING.

      • Mick


        “I guess I’m a terrorist too since I treat my staff like that sometimes”

        If you throw bottles of acid at them. Then, yes, you are.

        “All shipping activites result in some degree of marine pollution”

        So, deliberately throwing beer bottles, paint and chemicals into the ocean is “shipping actvity”???
        Then according to you, when sport fishermen, for example, are out on the ocean fishing. It’s okay for them to throw beer bottles and other trash into the ocean?

      • Mick

        @boo radley

        Mick, would you call your local police force terrorists?

        On occasion, yes.

        What about your local school teachers dealing with the bad boys?

        Sometimes, yes.

        Parking officers?


        Canadian sealers?

        Only if they use violence on people.

        Prison officers?

        Sometimes, yes.

        Your parents?


      • crumpets are yummy

        Then according to you, when sport fishermen, for example, are out on the ocean fishing. It’s okay for them to throw beer bottles and other trash into the ocean?

        Only if a boat load of Japanese whalers turn up wanting to rape the oceans.


      One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

  • vince

    Japans barbaric butchery wall of shame (kills):

    Rissos Dolphin: 550 per year
    False Killer Whale: 100 per year
    Common Bottlenose Dolphin: 1000 per year
    Pantropical Spotted Dolphins: 900 per year
    Striped Dolphin: 700 per year
    Pacific Whiteside Dolphin: 260 per year
    Short finned pilot whale: 400 per year
    Bairds Beaked whale: 60 per year
    Common Minke whale: 150 per year
    Dalls Porpoise: 16000 per year
    Sei Whale (ENDANGERED): 100 per year
    Sperm Whale (ENDANGERED): 10 per year
    Brydes Whale (ENDANGERED): 50 per year
    Antartic Minke whale: 550 per year

    Fin Whale (ENDANGERED): kill quota of 50 per year
    Humpback whale (ENDANGERED): kill quota 50 per year

    No doubt the killing methods for this massive number of marine mammals is horrific – speared, shot,harpooned & sliced up alive.

    • herwin

      the endind of whaling (at least for this season) is a great victory (also for Japan itself…) and i hope / think soon dolphin killings also will stop permanently. (Thanks to SSCS, Rick O’Barry and others)

      but i like to balance things.
      the numbers above are shocking to me, because they are so low, and the global outrage so big.

      I just saw photo’s of america’s cafo (AKA animal factories) and read that a mindblowing 10 billion animals are raised annualy in these hellish concentration camps.
      where is the global outcry about this…?

      some “nice” pics of modern CAFO’s… :

      • AnimuX

        Plenty of environmental and animal rights organizations protest factory farming. Stop trying to skew the topic of this article using straw man arguments about other subjects.

  • romika3

    Folks, What is interesting here is that the suspension of the hunt is a result of possible injury or loss of life from the terrorist tactics used by the SSCS. There has been no change in policy etc. SSCS still has been totally ineffective in that there is no change in this respect. The organization has spent millions of dollars an activities that have not brought about real long term change. All they have accomplished is getting their TV video but there is not change. Sorry, but SSCS is not a conservation organization.

    • BanTheFurTrade

      “SSCS has been totally ineffective”? I think the hundreds of whales whose lives have been spared would disagree with you about that.

    • whiplash

      romika3, The irony in this whole thing is that fact the Japanese whalers are more of a danger to themselves than the SSCS is to them.

      Was it not last season a whaler went overboard and was never found? Season before that there was a gravly ill whaler that had to be flown to NZ for medical treatment? and lets not forget that fire that broke out on the Nisshin a few years back which killed at least one person, maybe 2?

      So if anything, the Japanese are saving their own lives by going back to Japan along with the whales of course. The same whales butchered under the bogus JARPAII research program.

      A great way to fall on ones sword Japan – another great embaressment and blow to the once almighty empire.

      • romika3

        Fishing (all forms) is near the top of the list in terms of danger and lives lost. Your argument holds no water.

    • AnimuX

      Japan’s claims of “safety reasons” for ending the whaling operation are simply bunk.

      In the history of anti-whaling action against Japan’s whaling fleet, the whalers have always held the advantage in number and physical characteristics of ships, funding, and government backing.

      When Japanese whaling gunners fired 90mm harpoon canons sending explosive penthrite grenade tipped projectiles just over the heads of protesters they obviously did not have anyone’s safety in mind.

      When the whalers initiated ship collisions, in particular knocking the bow off of a small carbon fiber speed boat with an 800 ton harpoon ship, they obviously did not have anyone’s safety in mind.

      Or when they drove their own non-ice-class whaling ships through ice floes.

      Or when they threw explosive flash-bang grenades at unarmed activists.

      Not to mention the multiple industrial accidents that have nothing to do with anti-whaling protest, which include two massive fires on the Nisshin Maru and several crew deaths.

      Japan did not end the whaling hunt for reasons of “safety”. The simple fact is Sea Shepherd effectively shut them down.

  • boo radley

    romika…firstly I cant belive the hide you have to show up here again.

    Secondly, the SSCS blocked the Nishin Maru…game over.

    The claims by Japan that the hunt was stopped because of safety concerns is utter rubbish and is just a face saving excuse for them to leave the SO.

    Just like the Japanese claims of “research”, no-one is buying it.

    Sorry Romika3, but SSCS has saved the whales..again. Money well spent.

    • romika3

      I think you missed my point. Yes they may have saved whales this season, but there has been no change regarding the legislation associated with the whole issue of harvesting whales. If the whaling fleet returns again next year then the cycle repeats. My point has always been the methods employed by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Their application of terror and terror tactics does not bring about long term change. It never has. Conservation organizations work at all levels including education, policy, research etc. Claiming to save X number of whales makes little difference in the long term. For example over 175 whales washed up (naturally) on the beaches of New Zealand this week. My position regarding the SSCS still stands. They are an eco-terrorist organization that uses terror tactics to achieve their goals; they are selective in the issues they tackle basing them on the money making and media potential.

      • Michael Raymer

        If the whaling fleet turns up again next year, they will get another ass kicking of biblical proportions.

        ” Their application of terror and terror tactics does not bring about long term change. It never has.”

        Yes it has and yes it does. We have just seen it in the last week.

        “Claiming to save X number of whales makes little difference in the long term.”

        That’s how Greenpeace feels too. I don’t agree with them either.

        “They are an eco-terrorist organization that uses terror tactics to achieve their goals; they are selective in the issues they tackle basing them on the money making and media potential.”

        We have already established that eco-terrorism isn’t a word or legal definition and yet you keep trying to cram it down peoples throats.

      • sidewinder

        I think the over-use of the term eco-terrorist does you more harm than good. After all, what is your point?

        Yes, whales have been saved. Yes, scientific whaling in the southern ocean might be shelved now once and for all.

        Yes, the IWC is basically powerless to stop Japan and countries outside of it (Norway, Iceland?) – my feeling is Iceland will bow to EU pressures. Norway is a rogue on its own that should have the pressure kept on it. Faroe islands – same thing, EU/Denmark should reign “the Grind in.”

        The Japanese may not abandon JARPNII – which is a concern as they take more endangered whales in this expedition. And of course the massive dolphin & porpose slaughters (incl. smaller whales such as Pilot & Baird’s).

        There is still a lot of important work to do. And it will be done mouthful at a time. Not to take anything away from what has just been achieved of course :) Great work!

      • crumpets are yummy

        where is the troll spray? Perhaps Romika works for Greenpeace. Sea Shepherd tactics WORK.

  • Fingering

    Whaling may have been stop in Antarctica, but will not stop in Iceland. They make threats, but Paul Watson cannot come to Iceland or he been arrested. I see many threats about how Iceland is next, but it is stupid to say. Keep out of our waters, and by the way, we are too powerful for your boycotts to work.

    • Michael Raymer

      Yup, I often lay awake at night, gazing up at the ceiling, lost in thoughtful awe over the power of Iceland. They are indeed the force to be reckoned with in this world today.

      We’ve heard this all before. Everyone was laughing at SSCS up to the moment they shut Antarctic whaling down. You’re not laughing anymore, are you. What’s Iceland, compared to Japan?

      Stay tuned Sparky. The nice thing about the title “Whale Wars” is that no nationality is implied.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Fingering is now the official spokesman for Icelandic whaling.

        From what i have read, Is against commercial whaling of the big whales but is fearful of a boycott.

      • romika3

        ““We have experienced the dangerous attacks from them, it might take the life of crews,” he told CNN. “Considering the safety as the first priority, we decided to halt the whaling temporarily.” A press release indicates that hunt was suspended due to safety conerns. This confirms that the methods employed by the SSCS had the potential to injury or cause death. The SSCS uses terror and terrorist methods to acheive their goals, they are selective on who they attack basing the decision on media and fundraising potential. They have have brought about change.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Romika, all that confirms is that the ICR are full of crappola and somehow think that the rest of the world is going to believe them. Are they completely insane?

        I’m sure, however, you will keep parroting what your masters tell you to parrot, so go for it…see if anybody listens to you.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Sea shepherd now involved in a search and rescue with NZ authorities to locate a missing yacht, Beserk. The search was too much for the battleship HMS Wellington who ahd to return to port after suffering ice damage.

    • Michael Raymer

      Well, “Whale Wars” just met “Deadliest Catch”. And we can put to final rest the weak-ass allegation that there isn’t going to be much of a season to watch. I mean, sorry to put a practical light on a serious situation but let’s compare track records here. There’s the whalers who kill whales, get run all over the ocean by a bunch of vegan-hippies led by their pathological liar captain, and ultimately quit and go home with their tail between their legs. And then there’s SSCS who said they would end Antarctic whaling, who did end Antarctic whaling, and who are on hand and able to help out in a crisis (with a helicopter).

      Yup, that’s some band of dangerous ECO-terrorists we got running around down there. “Oh boo-hoo, the big meanies threw beer bottles at us, from 150 feet away. I felt so threatened.” Well, if the pressure is too great, get off the Antarctic. Oops, they already are.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Well this is right, the so called “eco-terrorists’ are now working alongside New Zealand search and rescue.

        Thats a strange form of ‘terrorism’ if you ask me…

        Not only that but a great big smokin warship had to go home because it could not handle the dangerous conditions.

      • Michael Raymer

        “At 0957 Hrs. (NZT) Sea Shepherd helicopter pilot Chris Aultman spotted an Avon 8-person lifeboat in the sea at the position of 76 Degrees 40 Minutes and 43.2 Seconds South, and 166 Degrees 01 Minutes and 50.7 seconds East.”

        “Captain Paul Watson regrets to say that the three missing sailors are most likely lost at sea and the recovery of their bodies is very unlikely. The shorelines have been swept in search of survivors.”

        Rest in Peace for these poor people. My thoughts go out for their families.

  • Fingering

    To Crumpets – I am NOT the spokeperson for whaling in Iceland, I have said many times that I would accept if whaling ended, but that until it does, I will enjoy what is legally hunted in our own waters. You and Sea Shepherd canot do anything about that until my country decides to stop whaling. Your boycott will not work – I have told this many times. Why do you not understand??? Sea Shepherd cannot come to Iceland – they cannot do anything no matter how big they threaten us. Live with that.

    • AnimuX

      What makes you think Sea Shepherd and other anti-whaling organizations aren’t already in Iceland? :-)

      The fact is world opposition to the ongoing subversion of international whale conservation efforts is growing.

      Iceland, Norway, and Japan must adhere to the moratorium and shut down their whaling operations or they will have to contend with increasing protest,economic sanctions, consumer boycotts, and direct interference.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Exactly right…Iceland needs to shut down the evil Mr Lofty or pay the price.

  • Fingering

    To Animux – You can protest all you like, but it won’t change anything, and direct action is no good. What good is getting arrested? Iceland will put Sea Shepherds in jail, not like Japan. I tried to explain, but you still cannot understand – your boycotts won’t work because there are many companies distributing fish, not just one like years ago.

    Jusrt learn to live with the fact that you cannot stop it in Iceland or Russia for that matter. Paul Watson will be arrested if he ever come back, that’s why he never did. If it stops, I support that, but until then, keep out of our business.

    • crumpets are yummy

      Tell Lofty that we are coming to get him.

  • Fingering

    First thing first small little Iceland we are 10 – 12th biggest fishing nation in the world so that is what you are targeting right? OK it was possible in the 1980s because all the fish was sold from one company but then we split it up into many with many subsidiaries all over the world. So today if you eat fish it is possible its from Iceland and you don’t even know it. Our fish is taken to Europe and to the US and there its packed again into “packages” that are not marked they are from Iceland except somewhere in a small print in the corner. So you will see British or American product but it is actually Icelandic. So you have to have a really smart campaign that in the long run will never work because people are not that smart when they are buying in the stores.

    You are underestimating the wealth of Iceland. For example our banks that got bankrupt, lets see just what they owned in 2008 was 182 Billion dollars, Yes 182 Billion dollars so our biggest bank Kaupþing is 30% bigger bankruptcy then Enron and if we take them all together they are 3 that got bankrupt. Lets go to America, if we would take all the 3 banks then it would be the 3 biggest bankruptcy in the history of America and in the world only Lehman bank and Washington Mutual are bigger. The economy of England was only 175 times bigger then Iceland was. Ok Lets see know you are thinking but it was a bubble. Yes it was but a bubble that left them with property the still own today. What does that got to do with it?
    The banks that were nationalized all 3 have companies that is owned by Iceland today. So in that is for an example “Iceland food chain” that is the biggest and most spread in England, we would not boycott ourselves would we. We own Hamleys children store in England and the biggest children store in the world, Top shop, top man, Karen Millen, And before the crises Jon Asgeir was consider to be the 3rd most influence in fashion because he owns so many fashions stores. And we own the one of the biggest company that sells fish inbound in England And 100 and 100 of other companies. so we can rule England out don’t we?

    Denmark, the whole down town of Denmark, then I am talking about the parliament house and just everything is owned by the bank. It was called the biggest buy of houses in history of Denmark. So rule them out also.

    And with the EU they will never put boycott on us Never.

    Don’t be stupid anymore.

    • romika3

      No worries of Watson coming to Iceland. He and his organization are terrorist bullies and when somebody stands up to them they run.

      • AnimuX

        Throwing stink bombs at a boat is not terrorism. But don’t worry romika. Your Canadian baby seal bashing industry is coming into focus too.

        There are animal rights and environmental groups in China publicly opposing seal meat. Perhaps that market is not the guaranteed sale Shea thinks it is. ;-)

        Banned in the USA, banned in the EU, just where will Canada sell its brutally slaughtered baby seals?

      • crumpets are yummy

        Like the way Japan runs, romika3?

    • AnimuX

      The simple fact of the matter is that Iceland is subverting international conventions by killing whales, especially endangered Fin whales, in order to export the illicit meat to Japan.

      I find it interesting that people like fingering have not learned at all from history and believe an arrogant attitude is going to prevail. Especially in light of the losses felt by Japan’s whaling fleet this season.

      In the late 1980s, consumer boycotts organized by environmental organizations took millions of dollars out of Iceland’s economy and helped force a shutdown of whaling there that lasted 14 years. It will happen again.

      The USA and the EU, which have repeatedly condemned Iceland’s whaling, are being pressured to enact economic sanctions if Iceland does not adhere to the moratorium on commercial whaling.

      World opposition to whaling is growing, not shrinking like the demand for whale meat.

      • Fingering

        To Animux – You still don’t know what you are talking about. More countries want to hunt whales, its just a fact that you can’t live with. Too bad. If it is against the law in Iceland, then I will accept – but until then – you must accept that it is OK for the moment. Your little petitions will not work – there are no sanctions – you can keep dreaming, but will be disappointed. Sea Shepherd cannot do anything, and never will in Iceland. WE will decide to hunt whales or not – nopt you – remember that.

      • crumpets are yummy

        How long will you give us fingering?

  • AnimuX

    Anyone who would like to participate in the ongoing campaign to stop whaling in Iceland should help WDCS pressure the United States to enact sanctions!

    Please send an email directly to the US government and urge it to take action against Iceland.

    US Secretary Of Commerce, US Secretary Of The Interior
    Dear Secretary Locke and Secretary Salazar

    I urge you to certify under the Pelly Amendment that Iceland is diminishing the effectiveness of both the IWC and CITES, and to encourage President Obama to impose trade sanctions.

    Diplomatic efforts to negotiate with Iceland have not worked. It is time for the U.S. to take stronger steps to put an end to Iceland’s expanding commercial whaling program and international trade in whale products.

    Taking these actions against Iceland will provide the U.S. with the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of leadership on whale protection that the public demands.

    Thank you for your consideration


  • Fingering

    To Animux – Believe me, Iceland and the US are strong trade and financial partners and you few emails and letters will end up in the trash. You have more loss with sanctions than we do – just live with it. They will look at your letter and laugh, and then throw away. If you feel so strongly Animux, come to Iceland to protest and see what happen to you. No, too afraid I think! Ha ha.

    • AnimuX

      Fingering, you tend to forget that millions of people all over the world are opposed to Iceland’s slaughter of whales, especially endangered Fin whales.

      Look at any nation that is anti-whaling or anti-sealing and you’ll find the public pressure that helped to bring about a moratorium on commercial whaling and a ban on seal products.

      Please make as many ignorant responses as you possibly can.

      By 1989 the Icelandic seafood industry had lost $40 million USD to boycotts organized by Greenpeace and other environmental which included many businesses canceling contracts for fish imports and helped pressure Iceland to give up whaling for 14 years.

      We’ll soon see how your attitude, and continued whaling, measures up to the losses of renewed consumer boycotts.

  • Fingering

    This will not be possible to do in Iceland as what we are doing is legal and in our waters. Thats the point! I am trying to give you an inside how to stop the big whale hunt in Iceland. As i personally feel you are not thinking it on the right terms. You think that SSCS can sail into Icelandic waters and stop whaling. Thats not the case you need to do it by pressuring the Icelandic government to change laws. Thats the only hope! We are doing it and we need help to do it.
    SSCS did sink boats in Icelandic waters in 1986, so the cost guard will not let Paul Watson enter Icelandic waters as he is a Persona non grata to Iceland. So this is won by law and we are changing our laws as we speak and our quota system. Non of you are doing anything about this. You are putting your faith to SSCS and nothing they can do will stop Icelnadic whaling. Nothing! Internaitional law, Icelandic law allow it. They cant come into the Icelandic waters so this battle is won by law. So help us put pressure on our government to stop the big whale hunt. Its not like i am asking you to move from your computers, no i am asking you to send e-mails and in other thread i gave you all the e-mails of all the people who work in the Icelandic parliement. NONE OF YOU HAVE SENT ANYTHING!

    Then you say we took Japan down and you are next. I sometimes wonder if you care about the whale and just care about the SSCS victories if they hit the news so you can praise your victory into pro whalers face. Dont get me wrong it was a huge victory and i praise it myself but in international water. Russia, Norway and Iceland are next in legalhunt and in their own waters.


  • Fingering

    Animux – Come to Iceland and protest – I am inviting you – but you are too scared – hiding behind your keyboard with the rest of them. Brave men, tapping away at their keyboards!

  • crumpets are yummy

    Then you say we took Japan down and you are next. I sometimes wonder if you care about the whale and just care about the SSCS victories if they hit the news so you can praise your victory into pro whalers face

    I would not waste your valuable thought energy on these unproductive thinking lines Fingering.

  • Fingering

    To Crumpets – Animux just does not understand. He believes that a handful of letters will mean US sanctions for Iceland. Business and trade are too strong for that – we are doing in our own waters – he cannot do anything about it and he is angry. I invited him to Iceland to protest, but as you see- he is to scared to come – only yelling at his screen! I care about whales, but we eat it becauser they are many and is legal right now – Animux thinks he can tell Iceland what to do, like Sea Shepherds, but he is wrong. Thats why Sea Shepherd will not come to Iceland – will be arrested and taken away. He must live with it, but he cannot.


    Let me get this straight, if I wish to exact my morals, ethics, beliefs, etc. upon everybody else, most of you would support using provocative actions, bullying and violent tactics? That’s the problem with you liberal left nut balls. You want to ban guns to curb violence and pass laws to prevent bullying of school kids, but you are all the most violent bullies on the planet. How about practice what you preach. Be tolerant of others. Period.

  • AnimuX

    You need a history lesson.

    Over the course of the 20th century the world’s whaling industries drove nearly every species of large whale to the brink of extinction due to over hunting. International attempts to stop the destruction of whales with regulation were subverted or outright violated for decades.

    In 1986 the International Whaling Commission established a moratorium on all commercial whaling which Iceland, Norway, and Japan have defied. They’ve also defied the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) which prohibits the international trade of whale meat. In 1994 the Southern Ocean was declared to be a sanctuary for whales by the IWC.

    Prior to the moratorium, Japan was already guilty of violating size limits, species protections, seasonal limits, all manner of quotas, and even facilitating pirate whaling (that’s front companies in foreign countries killing whales in secret and smuggling the unreported meat to Japan – so much for tradition).

    Today, Japan uses a loophole intended for scientific research in order to justify continuing its annual whale slaughter in the North Pacific and in the Antarctic. The legality of this move has been challenged and will be heard by the International Court of Justice over the course of the next few years. Also, the IWC has repeatedly passed resolutions calling on Japan to stop killing whales.

    Japan annually kills endangered Fin whales, endangered Sei whales, vulnerable Sperm whales, Bryde’s whales (population uncertain), and both common minke whales in the north (up to 46% from the vulnerable J-stock) and Antarctic minke whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (some data suggests this species may also be in decline).

    So this is not about “enforcing moral beliefs” on gun owners as your straw man argument suggests. In fact, this has nothing to do with U.S. internal politics (although the USA has officially opposed Japan’s whaling since the 1980s and Reagan even enacted sanctions against Japan as a result).

    It’s about forcing a government subsidized whaling industry to cease operating in defiance of international conventions without hurting people. Sea Shepherd has never killed, never beaten up, never taken anybody hostage (and never threatened to). The activists have only done their best to interfere. And they’ve been very successful in the 2010/2011 season.