Sarah Palin, outspoken hunting advocate and all-around antithesis of animal rights, has hired a vegetarian as her chief of staff.

Michael Glassner, a former aide to Bob Dole who worked on the McCain campaign in 2008, is Palin’s chief of staff, as it appears that Palin is preparing for a 2012 presidential election campaign. Glassner has been described as a “health nut” and is a vegetarian along with his wife.

It seems an odd choice for a vegetarian to be on staff, considering Palin’s love of hunting wolves from helicopters. But politics transcend personal ethical choices for some, I suppose.

This isn’t the first time this kind of juxtaposition has happened on Palin’s staff: author Matthew Scully was hired as Palin’s speechwriter back in 2008. Scully is a staunch vegetarian, and a harsh critic of the hunting industry. He is heavily involved in animal rights, and has even authored a book titled Dominion: The Power of Man, The Suffering of Animals, and The Call to Mercy. Yet he served under one of the biggest hunting advocates in the country.

The Glassner hiring points to a 2012 presidential campaign for Palin, who quit as governor of Alaska in 2009. Since then, she has made a number of TV appearances including her own reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which frequently discusses hunting and fishing. In fact, PETA has accused the show, Palin, and TLC of including excess hunting scenes in order to boost the show’s ratings. Though the show has also apparently exposed Palin to be somewhat of a hunting fraud, as actual hunters accuse her of not knowing what she’s doing. So, Palin’s love of hunting could just be all talk; the question is whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing.

One thing is for sure: staff dinners are going to be an awkward affair, what with all the moose meat.

  • herwin

    Why is Palin the antithesis (whatever that means..) of animal rights ?
    i would like to know why she presumambly is so much worse at animal rights than most people, inclduing democrats, celebs, and Joe the Plummer at his BBQ party ?

    Why would it be an odd choiche for a vegetarian to join Palin’s team ? I guess a veggie joining a meateating democratic team wouldnt make the headlines, although that would be morte “odd”, objectively speaking.

    Seriously, bashing Palin is okay because she is a leach with no good moral fibers in her body, but leave the animal rights out of it.
    When it comes to animals (ar or veggie things) Palin, Obama, and most politicians all are the same.
    I still remember how Obama broke his promise to rescue a shelter dog and instead did get a pure bred mutt. So Obama also isn’t a friend of animals, i would say.

    • Bridget

      I abhor hunting and am no fan of Sarah Palin’s; however; if there is such a thing as “humane killing” of an animal for eating purposes (I am vegan, so I’d say no, but I’ll play the devil’s advocate here); I think hunting a wild animal to eat is more humane than eating animals that are factory farmed. Criticism of Sarah’s hunting prowess aside; don’t really know and don’t really care; but when I heard about Aaron Sorkin’s criticism of Sarah Palin’s Alaska; my thought was he had better be vegan or else he’s being hypocritical. I will never understand how someone could go out in the wild and kill an animal; but anyone who eats meat, dairy or wears clothes of animal origin should look inward before pointing any fingers. I don’t really want to hear about grass fed animals or humane dairy farms or blah, blah, blah; the dairy industry is inherently inhumane; ask yourself what happens to the male calves that are born to dairy cows or male chicks born to hens; and what happens to dairy cows and hens when they are no longer producing? The sad truth is that eating animal products is not only cruel but also unnecessary and unhealthy.

  • Michael Raymer

    “Why is Palin the antithesis (whatever that means..) of animal rights ?”

    “(whatever that means..)”

    “instead did get a ‘pure bred mutt’.

    Do I really need to take the time, or can the rest of you see what I’m seeing?

    • herwin

      probably you see the word “pure bred” and “mutt” and you obviously can’t hold your water because these words are in contradiction of eachother.
      That’s what we (“we” = people who have basic understanding of writing) call an “oxymoron” (= a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms).
      Sorry to disapoint you but it was meant to put these two words together for the effect. “pure bred” is just an imaginary thing, because it totally depends on the breeders who set the (changing) norms for what a “pure bred” should be. If they would theoretically start breeding mutts from the streets, than those mutts would suddenly be “pure bred” and feature in dog mags. Obama wants a pure bred ? it’s just a nice name for a mutt.
      keep it up, junior, next time better.

  • Louis

    Palin is a big phony and she’s just trying to make some more headlines.

    • herwin

      and thanks to the leftish media she is doing a great job !!!

  • herwin

    all in all it’s good news that a veggie has such a prominent place in the Palin team. It shows that Palin isn’t THAT anti veggie as some people (with a shady political agenda) would like us to believe, and i only can smile when i think that every time this new veggie chief of staff, Palin and others, have a long meeting that includes a break and a bite, each time there will be some veggie snacks or veggie meal !!!

  • mister jingles

    she would make a perfect couple with vegetarian hunter prince charles!

  • Tahler

    Good for Sarah!