It has been a little over a year since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti and left so many of its citizens homeless. Since then we’ve seen celebs like Wyclef Jean, Maroon 5, Sean Penn, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia Wilde ban together to raise funds and help rebuild Haiti. Now architect Vincent Callebaut has unveiled plans for a utopian eco village inspired by coral to serve as a new housing project in Haiti.

Called “Coral Reef,” the design itself is inspired by the organic form of coral, and proposes a plug-in matrix for 1,000 Haitian families. It would involve building an artificial pier on seismic piles in the Caribbean Sea, then prefabricated, modular units would fit into the wave-like matrix as space is needed. Each modular home would minimize energy usage while utilizing renewable energy sources to make the whole development carbon neutral (i.e. power would be generated by thermal energy conversion under the pier, marine currents, vertical axis wind turbines, and solar photovoltaics).

In addition, each family would get their own plot of land to grow food, and a canyon that would flow between the two rows of housing developments would allow a tropical ecosystem to flourish with local fauna and flora. Pretty great way to start rebuilding if you ask us!

What do you all think of this?

Via Inhabitat

  • herwin

    more realisticly there will be no palmtrees, lots of graffiti, and this high building will be more like another ghetto.

    • ayiti

      what you call graffiti is Haitian art. Have a little bit of faith and blessings will come.

      • herwin

        i just googled “haiti graffiti” and i must say the google images i saw were pretty cool and impressing !

  • Gloria Charles

    This all sounds lovely and very utopian :) do we know if this is actually going to happen? And if anyone has consulted with the Haitian people?

    from personal experience following the aftermath of the Tsunami, there were lots of plans by some of our UK NGO’s to put in nice eco-housing in Indonesia but the people rejected them because they were not consulted or collaborated with.

    Also, considering hurricane season starts in July each year,I am not too sure about the high-rise of this design.