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Listen, I don’t know anything about the sport of cricket other than we don’t have it here in the U.S. (right?). What I do know is that in the UK a huge charity event and party will be taking place with performances from Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, and Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, to name a few, and I want to go to there (30 Rock reference, anyone?).

Bunbury’s Big 25th Birthday Ball— we can’t make this stuff up— will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bunbury Celebrity Cricket Team with a celeb studded party at The Great Room in the Grosvenor House Hotel. Taking place on May 7th, proceeds will benefit Clapton’s Crossroads Centre for alcohol and drug abuse, the English School’s Cricket Association, and the AF Foundation which aims to improve child rehabilitation and physiotherapy units throughout the UK.

Over the last 25 years the Celebrity Cricket Team has raised more than £12 million for charity. And this event promises to be no exception, as the cheap seats to the party start at £295 and go all the way up to £5,950— that includes a bottle of wine per person, dinner, and a goody bag, plus the money goes to some truly great causes!

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  • LittleMe

    Good to see Eric Clapton involved in something more worthwhile than performing at the “Countryside Rocks” concert (a fundraising event held by the UK pro-hunting organisation, the Countryside Alliance). It’s a shame his compassion doesn’t quite stretch to cover animals though.

    • herwin

      Eric Clapton, vocal supporter of the fox hunts in England, where living foxes are hunted down with packs of hounds and teared apart alive. (i did see a video once, it’s like a cat being teared apart by a gang of pittbulls, how anyone can support that, i don’t know.)
      But it’s great to see he is involved in charity for cricket though.

  • BanTheFurTrade

    Eric Clapton’s favorite hobby is going to game farms and shooting (tame) birds by the dozen. He brags about it in his autobiography. He also talks about his addiction to fishing. After reading that, I can no longer buy his music. He isn’t getting another cent out of me. Yeah, I know it’s not going to hurt his bank account, but at least it makes me feel better.