With the Oscars fast approaching, we will soon know who are the best filmmakers and performers of the year. But who in Hollywood is deserving of top honors when it comes to being green? We here at Ecorazzi would like to present the ten most eco-active nominees at this year’s Oscars. Who will take the top spot? Will it be an animal-friendly vegan? An eco-warrior environmentalist? Perhaps both? Read on to find out which of the Hollywood stars hoping for an Oscar on Sunday are also worthy of some eco-praise!

Click here for our list of the Top Ten Greenest Oscar Nominees!

  • http://www.GreenTwithTamara.TV Tamara Henry, MA

    Green T is a producer with a documentary on the current Oscar Shortlist for the 83rd Academy Awards.
    Unbeaten is pushing toward Oscar this year and is on the 2010 Oscar Shortlist.. and we included last year’s Global Green Pre-Oscar Party interview with James Cameron in our campaign to win an Oscar this year, helping to cross promote the green world and the conscious filmmaking world. We are now on the Oscar shortlist ;D as filmmakers and environmental activists. We are very grateful to our big supporters. Our film Ubeaten is set in the beautiful pristine mountains and Alaskan terrain of Denali National Park.

    Producer Tamara Henry of GreenTwithTamara.TV with Kevin Carr
    Director Steven C. Barber http://www.StevenCBarber.blogspot.com

    Huffington Post:

    Norman Lear (among many others) contributed to the funding of our film…
    and one of us is an environmental TV host and red carpet host for the “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar Watch Gala. When Steven is not directing socially conscious films, he and I are saving lives with our Solar Powered Traffic Signs, as was recently reported in the Hollywood Reporter when Barber was promoting at Sundance.

    “Green T” will be the Red Carpet host streaming live around the world on Oscar night. Tickets may be purchased. ;D