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For the crowning event of her 2011 Green Carpet Challenge, Livia Firth is bringing not one, but eleven dresses to the Academy Awards.

The 41-year-old wife of Colin Firth, nominated for the Best Actor category, has chosen UK designer Gary Harvey to create the gown, which will be composed of 11 reclaimed dresses.

“He has scoured Southeast London for the right pieces, from Cancer Research shops to vintage boutiques, such as 360 DEGREES-VINTAGE in Greenwich, which is owned by Kit Allen and her daughter, Lynn Burgess,” writes Livia on her blog.

“All the pieces we are using are from the era of The King’s Speech. Gary is all about authenticity so wanted to be sure we get the right fabrics and the right vibe. Every element – including zips, corsetry and the original toiles – is recycled. The only thing that we’ve used that is new is the thread that actually stitches the dress together.”

I really love the theme Livia is going with in keeping with her husband’s film nomination. And truly, I’m not sure the red carpet will have ever been graced with a more sustainable piece of fashion. We really can’t wait to see the big reveal this Sunday evening!

Firth also tweeted that she will be wearing “the first EVER Fairtrade gold in the world at the Oscars!!! Anna Louch rocks!”

Want to catch up on this year’s Green Carpet Challenge? Check out our recap of Livia Firth’s sustainable red carpet gowns below!

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  • Melanie

    This is so amazing. I can’t wait to get a glimpse of this gown. I love how she’s making the dress a sustainable piece of fashion that is so personal for herself & her husband. <3

  • Jessie

    Wow! What a fab idea. I can’t wait to see it.
    Best wishes

  • janice

    the recycled gown would be prettier if her posture was better…..