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“Baywatch” star and object of Borat’s affections, Pamela Anderson has confronted India before concerning animal rights: last year the blond bombshell sent a letter to India’s Prime Minster Manmohan Singh asking him to ban India’s heavy leather trade industry. Now Pamela is once again confronting India about animal rights, this time for a group of monkeys used for animal testing.

Anderson sent a letter to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who has been using monkeys as test subjects for decades. Secret footage from within AIIMS’s walls shows the poor creatures locked in cramped, uncomfortable cages where they are kept for years on end.

Additionally, rabbits and rats are kept in harsh wire cages, are not treated medically when ill or injured, and video footage shows their cages being carelessly overturned and shaken with the animals still inside.

In the letter, Anderson writes, “It broke my heart to see the suffering. But the animals suffering behind closed doors at AIIMS must endure this nightmare every day.”

In India, laboratories are required to retire animals after three years of use. However, some of the animals kept there, especially the monkeys, have remained locked up for up to twenty years instead of being sent to a rehabilitation facility. In the letter, Anderson pleads for their freedom: “Please, won’t you at least agree to retire the animals who have been at AIIMS the longest to a sanctuary?”

The letter was sent by Anderson in conjunction with PETA India. Pam has been a long-time partner with PETA, campaigning for animal rights alongside the organization on many occasions. She has worked with and donated to many other charities and organizations as well: after her most recent appearance in Playboy, Pam donated her paycheck to Waves for Water, which provides clean drinking water in countries that need it.

  • Kedhar

    Who would take her seriously when she wears something like that???

    • herwin

      she did send a letter, it’s not like she was dressed this way and did meet in person !!

      anyway, i for myself take her seriously when she talks about animal rights..