by Ali Garfinkel
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It’s sheer panda-monium! The only giant panda cub born in the United States in 2010 now has a name. Po, as he is now called, was named after the animated DreamWorks character voiced by the talented Jack Black— and who better to be in attendance during the ceremony?

The animated comedy “Kung Fu Panda” grossed over 630 million at the worldwide box office, and also has a sequel on the way.

The celebrity’s appearance at the event marks the beginning of an alliance between both Zoo Atlanta and DreamWorks Animation, who both work hard in the movement for giant panda conservation. Considering the rarity of the giant panda species, the efforts are greatly appreciated by both the Zoo and the production company.

Po draws much resemblance to the animated character he was named for, both representing a struggle the species needs to overcome to survive. In the cartoon Po’s case, it’s a lovable, clumsy bear’s attempt at becoming a Kung Fu legend. In the real life Po’s case, it’s making people around the world realize how rare a species he is, and how everyone must help in protecting his kind from becoming extinct.

It’s so cute, I can’t even bear it!

  • herwin

    Big panda’s problems are a loss of habitat in China. No zoo and no breeding program can help stop reducing panda numbers in the wild.

    The only reason why zoo’s have baby panda’s and other “cute” baby animals is because it attrackts much paying visitors, but when turned adult, there isn’t space for these animals and have to be sold. Some of these sold animals even end up at canned hunts.

    And it’s because the demand of (western) aquarium and zoo’s that dolphing hunts still take place