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Global Green hosted their 8th Annual Pre-Oscar party last night, and as one of the leading environmental non-profits it’s only fitting that eco power couple James Cameron and Suzy Amis-Cameron join in on the fun. We were there, reporting from the green carpet, and scored an interview with designer Jeff Garner of Prophetik, who designed Suzy’s environmentally friendly dress for the evening!

This isn’t Garner’s first time at the eco-couture rodeo, as he also recently designed Livia Firth‘s Golden Globe gown. But Suzy’s dress was special, as it also debuted at Fashion Week in London where Garner had just flown back from.

“It’s made of tussah silk, so that means the wild silk worms aren’t harmed in the process,” Garner explained. “And then my grandmother’s quilt is on the side [of the dress], I’m born and raised in TN and that’s where we make everything.”

The eco-friendly designer then elaborated on what made this dress so great for the environment, “And we do plant and earth based dyes, so that’s the beauty of getting that really rich, deep purple color that’s so hard to get.” Garner then pointed to the side of Suzy’s dress, to a rainbow zipper that added the subtlest dash of color, “The little teeth on the zipper— you see? It’s all rainbow colored so we hand make the zippers as well.”

According to Garner the gown took only a day to make (can you believe that??), and he cites designers like Stella McCartney for helping to make eco-fashion mainstream. “I decided to do the high end couture pieces because I thought that was missing from eco-fashion,” he said.

And of his relationship with James and Suzy, “We have a lot of similar mentalities.And James is well versed, he’s passionate about the subject. My canvas is fashion, and his canvas is film, so it’s a great thing.”

A great and stunning thing! If only all eco-fashion could look this good, check out more of Garner’s designs on the Prophetik website.