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Oddity Of The Day: Cat-Library Shelving System

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I grew up with cats, four of them to be exact (what can I say? My mother had a soft spot for strays and my brother and I had a knack of finding them), and the thing that never ceased to amaze me was where they would end up. I once came home to find that our tuxedo cat had smushed himself inside of a small fishbowl for a nap, and it wasn’t uncommon to watch our short hair kitty scaling the drawers of my closet until she reached the tallest height possible.

Perhaps then, the need for the Cat-Library makes perfect sense. The modular bookshelf is a product of Belgian industrial designer Corentin Dombrecht, who was inspired to build the pet-friendly shelving system after watching a video about a stray cat who set up shop in a Kansas Library.

Aesthetically this looks like any standard bookcase, made from FSC-certified birch plywood. But upon closer inspection you’ll notice that depending on your needs you can create a staircase for your feline friend within the shelving units, that way your kitty can climb to the highest rungs without knocking anything over.

In addition, there’s a built-in cat basket that graces the top of the shelves so your cat can have a suitable place to nap or perch. It’s also an unpainted and un-oiled creation so that your pet won’t slip on the way up to the top. The piece is currently on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

This seems pretty cool, especially considering all of the items my family’s pets destroyed on their epic journeys through our house. It’s just adorable, if nothing else. What do you all think?

Check out a demo video of the Cat-Library below!

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