by Ali Garfinkel
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Remember the Best Buy commercial that aired during the Super Bowl featuring Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne wearing those black, futuristic jumpsuits? Well guess what? Now they’re for sale!

Each suit cost around $30,000 each, but Best Buy is donating them both for the auction. As of right now, each jumpsuit is going for around a little over $2,000. If you’re a big fan of either artist and want to donate to a good cause, you can bid on the items and own the exact suits worn by Ozzy or J.Bieb himself. The proceeds will go towards Sharon Osbourne’s Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Sharon Osbourne claims the suit Bieber wore was drenched in his sweat, and most definitely still smells like him. If that doesn’t drive up sales for teen girls everywhere, I don’t know what will.

The artists were selected to appear in the commercials as a metaphor for the quick advancing of technology, making a joke of how 4g will soon be 5g before you can even say “4g.” The commercial ends with Bieber replacing Ozzy, the still confused Osbournes unsure of who or what he really is.

Although a joke, it’s still a valid representation of the industry and how quickly it changes from idolizing one star to another. Let’s just hope that whoever buys a suit will still like the artist’s music by the time they get it!

  • herwin

    i visisted the website of the Sharon Osbourne’s Colon Cancer Program.
    i was a little bit disapointed (but not surprised mind you..) because there is no information how a person gets colon cancer (=bad diet), and that the best remedy is to change one’s diet before getting cancer.

    To be more specific, “meat” is defenitely a factor of getting colon cancers.
    So ms Osbourne defenitley should strongly camapign against eating meat, because prevention is so much better than a “cure”. (which is technically not a cure.)

    I am afraid this is another case of where many animals will have to suffer terrible and die, for diseases which are AVOIDABLE.

    So no, i am not going to bid on these sweaty jackets…