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Some helpful dolphins swimming along a Marco Island, Florida, canal came to the rescue of a lost Doberman Pinscher this past Monday.

Turbo, the dog of Marco Island resident Cindy Burnett, went missing on Sunday and was later found by a pack of dolphins. The Doberman was apparently stuck swimming in a shallow canal for 15 hours before the heroic dolphins caught the attention of a local woman. Apparently the dolphins swam alongside Turbo to assure that he stayed afloat, then splashed constantly until someone took notice.

“If he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn’t have been able to,” Burnett told NBC-2. After hearing the dolphins’ splashes, the neighbor jumped into the water, carried the 11-year-old Turbo safely to land, then proceeded to call 911.

Turbo is now safely back with Burnett and steering clear of nearby bodies of water. But it’s good to know that if he ever does venture out to test the waters again, there might be some good-samaritan dolphins nearby.

Check out the video below!

(Via Huffington Post)

  • crumpets are yummy

    Sadly, they are still cutting the throats of the dolphins in Taji Japan.

    This is how humans treat their life saving buddies of the ocean.


    • Stephanie

      How can people think these are not smart/brilliant animals?

    • LadyRobRob

      And also in that part of the world they use dogs as live boats. And bunch of sick you know what’s! And yet Americans still buy their crappy stuff.

    • Annie Anderson

      At least both the dolphin and the whale killings were cut short this year. Now if they were stopped permanently…