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ESPN’s Page 2 recently interviewed former boxer and current vegan Mike Tyson about his new show, “Taking on Tyson,” an Animal Planet reality show that features Tyson doing what he loves: racing pigeons. During the interview, Tyson discussed pigeons and Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Tyson is an animal lover and has served some jail time. So, naturally, the interviewer thought Tyson might have some words of wisdom for the former dog-fight organizer who has also had to deal extensively with the law.

When asked about Vick, Tyson first responded, “What about him?” Then the interviewer mentioned the controversy: Some people say Vick’s paid his dues, and others think he should never be let off the hook.

“Listen, listen,” Tyson responded. “I don’t know why people do what they do. What should we do with Michael Vick? Really, really: Why don’t we castrate him? Why don’t we do something bad to his children to teach him a lesson? Is that really the answer?”

He continued: “Or instead, we can say, ‘Hey, you’ve been given the wrong signals all these years, and you didn’t realize you were destroying God’s animals.’ So, we have to change his way of thinking. Not kill him, not assassinate him. We have to kill his way of thinking in that particular area. So, yes, we should give him another chance. And so far he’s taken great advantage of it.”

Last we checked, castration and killing weren’t on the list of things to do to Vick (unless you’re this guy), but there is some validity in what Tyson says. Vick does have to change his ways, and we hope that he has. Although we’re still really on the fence about whether or not he should own a dog just yet.


  • Rose Monzas

    Hello again… I agree with ugly Mike Tyson… Michael Vick has done well with his second chance, and he should be given the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and unravel his old thinking. So by all means… let him have a dog… with supervised visits at the start. Rose.

  • Twyla Anderson

    I agree it sounds lovely.. Oh yes, don’t we all hope he changes his ways.. Do you’s think Vick didn’t know it was illegal? Do you’s think he knew it was crueland painful torture to ALL the animals involved. Bait dogs, fighters, breeders. Yes he knew full well and yet he continued his cruel ways. Should he be given another chance sure… but to own a animal? no i don’t think so. Do we next give peado’s rehabilitation therapy by putting them near children? No. He did all this while he had children in the house. That should show you the mentality of this idiot. It’s like drug addicts having their kids in the room while they do drugs, sell em.. i dunno what ever else. You just don’t bring ILLEGAL, CRUEL and FIGHTING of ANY kind to your home and near your children. What a fucked up mind that does need help.
    Mother Theresa said the bigger the sin the more it needs to be forgiven but… would any of the dogs who died in his company give him any? Don’t give that monster a dog! For fucks sake it’s as rediculous as when the Humane society said they were proud he should own another dog.
    It’s amazing what morals we will forget for money. Well i assume thats what their reasoning was.

    • John Wilson

      I fully agree, let him make ammends, many.(because I’m against the death penalty that he probably deserves, and would like to believe in the chance of some rehabilitation and remorse possible for all) -but FOR THIS PRICK VICK to be responsible for the care of another beastie? EVER? Never. No matter what the rapist says (refer earlier cabeat…) Thanks for the forum.

  • Rachelle

    Please don’t make me agree with Mike Tyson. LOL! For the most part I do–but IMO, Vick should never have another dog.

    • herwin

      I agree. He did jail time and in a way he is doing a good job by speaking out against dog fights.
      But don’t let’s play russian roulette with another dogs life and allow this guy to EVER again have a dog. Especially since he ditched Oprah (how could he !!) and refused to face his former dog victims…

  • afriend

    I’d pay good money to watch MT beat the **** out of MV.