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Green Oscars: 10 Things To Look For On Hollywood's Big Night

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Every year, celebrities get more eco-conscious and the Oscars get more eco-friendly. With all kinds of changes happening at the ceremony and an army of eco-celebs doing their own thing, there will surely be plenty of “eco-moments” at the Academy Awards on Sunday. Here are some of the details to watch out for that you might otherwise miss:

1.) Livia Firth’s Recycled Gown

So far this awards season, greenie Livia Firth has worn a sustainable gown to every awards show she attended with her husband, Colin Firth. So of course her gown for the Oscars, the ultimate in award shows, has to be the ultimate in sustainable dresses.

Livia will be wearing a gown made from 11 recovered dresses, so every piece of her Oscars gown will be made of recycled material. The only new material in the gown will be the thread used to stitch the recycled material together! Not only that, but all of the dresses recovered and re-used are from the 1930’s, the time period in which “The King’s Speech” (for which Colin is nominated) is set. Livia might not just have the most sustainable dress at the Oscars, but also the one with the best story.

2.) Green Arrivals

Flickr via Beth & Christian

Traditionally, the stars have arrived at the Oscars in environmentally unfriendly limousines and other gas-guzzling vehicles. That trend is changing as more and more celebs become environmentally aware, and now many stars plan on arriving in greener vehicles. Electric vehicles, hybrids, and biofuel vehicles will be making appearances pulling up to the red carpet, and transportation company Econation, which offers chauffeurs in low-emission luxury cars, has many celebrity clients lined up. Anyone who has ever been in Oscar Sunday traffic knows just how important it is to have greener vehicles!

3.) Natalie Portman’s Gown

Best Actress nominee Natalie Portman is one of Hollywood’s most high-profile vegans, so the big question of the evening is how Portman will show her veganism in her fashion. With all of this green fashion around her, will Portman be choosing an animal-friendly designer? Portman has had her own animal-friendly shoe line in the past, so her commitment to her vegan lifestyle is clear. Obviously her gown won’t contain any animal-based materials, but it will be interesting to see if she goes with a designer who, as a rule, never uses fur or leather.

4.) Water Drops on Sleeves

We have discussed how Documentary Feature nominee “Gasland” and Best Supporting Actor nominee Mark Ruffalo have been bringing attention to the dangers of fracking recently. Now, the organization Waterdefense.org will be providing water droplet pins for Oscar attendees to wear on their sleeves in order to help spread the word. The pins represent our shrinking water supply, and our need to protect it and keep it clean. Ruffalo and “Gasland” director Josh Fox will certainly be wearing the pins, but keep an eye out for others.

5.) Organic and Sustainable Governors Ball Dinner

Every year, the Governors Ball is the place to be for Oscar attendees as the official Oscar after-party. Lately, though, the event has been moving toward being more green, which is important considering the amount of food and drink served…where there’s food, there’s always waste.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will be in charge of the feast, and he has some eco-friendly ideas lined up. Puck will be offering organic fruits and vegetables as well as a seafood buffet with sustainable ingredients approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. Some other items might not be as green, like the Kobe beef burger appetizers (no word as to how the cows were raised), or the 24 karat gold-covered chocolate Oscars…we don’t know if it’s fair trade gold. But hey, it’s something to shoot for next year, Wolfgang!

6.) Livia Firth’s Fair Trade Gold

via Eco-Age.com

Speaking of fair trade gold, Livia Firth’s sustainable gown isn’t the only ethical fashion piece she will be wearing: Firth tweeted earlier this week that she will be wearing the first ever fair trade gold at the Oscars. Firth herself deals in sustainable and ethical jewelry at her shop in London called Eco Age, for which she has designed her own fair trade heart pendant with Made.

7.) Recycled Red Carpet

Flickr via alan light

Many of the eco-friendly changes to the Oscars are happening on the red carpet, but one of them is even happening in the red carpet! This year, the red carpet will be made from recycled water bottles, a great green step for a piece of the ceremony that requires quite a bit of fabric. The Oscars are taking a tip from the 2011 Grammy Awards, who had a recycled red carpet as well.


8.) Suzy Amis Cameron’s Dress

James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron are a notoriously eco-friendly couple, and Suzy is often seen wearing sustainable, eco-friendly gowns. This year is no exception: Cameron has repeated her “Red Carpet, Green Dress” competition for the second year in a row, calling on amateur and professional designers to come up with a sustainable dress for her to wear at the Global Green pre-Oscar party. Cameron will be sure to wear another sustainable gown for the ceremony on Sunday as well.

9.) Fuel Cell Lighting

via Multiquip.com

With all the photography and filming happening on the red carpet, a lot of lighting is needed. That’s why this year’s Oscar ceremony is taking a tip from the 2011 Golden Globes and using special fuel cell lighting for the event. The lighting towers will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and will contain highly efficient lights with no filament.

With temperatures in Los Angeles expected to be pretty low (by Los Angeles standards, anyway) on Sunday, there might be a need for outside heaters as well. Hopefully those can be powered using a source like those hydrogen fuel cells as well!

10.) Eco-Activist Speeches

With four documentaries taking on green topics (“Gasland”, “Waste Land”, “Sun Come Up”, and “The Warriors of Quigang”), an animated short called “Let’s Pollute”, and the fracking-frenzied Mark Ruffalo nominated, there’s a good chance we might be seeing an eco-activist speech on Oscar night. Will we get a Michael Moore-style rant, or will somebody hold up a sign that causes the producers to cut all the mics like with “The Cove” last year? I can see it now: “Gasland” wins best documentary feature, Josh Fox holds up a sign that says “Frack Off”, the producers read it wrong, and then the show immediately cuts to commercials.

>>Want to know how the Oscars are going green in general? Check out all the details here!

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